Innovation and Public Innovation Policy



Ekaterina V. Sokolova, Associate Professor



45 contact hours



Course Description:

The goal of the course is to provide students with deep understanding of tools and institutions of public innovation policy. The role of the state is defined according to the analysis of market failures in innovation markets. Three main directions of state intervention in innovative markets are discussed: creation and support of innovation infrastructure, intellectual property protection and antitrust policy in innovation markets.
The course is based on the analysis of contemporary theoretical approaches and international and Russian best practices discussion.

Course Content:

Introduction: Contemporary Concepts of Innovation

  • Innovation. 
  • Open innovation. 
  • Diffusion of innovation. 
  • Innovative market. 
  • Innovation and economic growth. 
  • Market failures in innovative markets and the role of the state.

Topic 1. Innovative infrastructure

  • Sectoral and national systems of innovation. 
  • Innovation environment simulation.
  • Technology incubators: the concept and models.
  • Industrial research. 
  • Industrial clustering.

Topic 2. Antitrust policy in innovative markets

  • Market structure and innovation: neoclassical approach. 
  • Schumpeterian approach to innovation policy. 
  • The Austrian economists’ view of competition and its implication to public innovation policy. 
  • Evolutionary approach to the antitrust policy in innovative markets. 

Topic 3. Innovations and property rights protection

  • Property rights protection. 
  • Patents and patent licensing: impacts on innovation activities. 
  • Neoclassical and modern approaches to the analysis of property rights protection.

Course Organization:

The course will follow a lecture, discussion, case analysis, and group exercise formats.
Students are expected to attend all classes and be fully prepared and actively participate in class discussions.
Maximum number of students per group: 2

Course Reading:

(optional) Measuring innovation : a new perspective [Text] / [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development]. - Paris : OECD, 2010. - 125 p.

(required) Cases (will be distributed in class)

(required) Article reports to be read before class (available through Blackboard and/or Library Databases)

Exam format:

Final exam will consist of short essay questions to test the understanding of material presented in class.
Online, open-book, 90 min.

Grading Policy:

Group Project            20 (10 written report + 10 presentation)
Individual Case (1)     15
In-Class Task (3)       15
Final Exam               50
Total:                     100

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