Research Seminar III, MCF



Smirnov Marat, Senior Lecturer, Department of Finance & Accounting, Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg University



30 contact hours


Research Seminar I, Quantitative Methods

Course Description:

Research seminar at the final period of studies is aimed at developing and writing master thesis in its final form. To this period, the research seminar addresses the main approaches to research methods, process of results discussion and writing of master thesis.

The course aim is to give students understanding how to manage the final stage of research process successfully and write the master thesis. During the course students will present their results for joint discussion. The course is finalized with pre-defense of the thesis.

Course Content (Topics and subtopics):

Topic 1. Introduction (Master thesis GSOM reqs)
Topic 2. Work-in-progress students’ reports
Topic 3. Goals, objectives & hypotheses: statement & findings
Topic 4. Modeling and Empirical Data Analysis: Presentation of Preliminary Results
Topic 5. Chapter 1 presentation: goals, importance and literature survey
Topic 6. Pre-defense of Master’s degree thesis

Course Organization:

The course will follow a lecture, students’ in-class presentation & group discussion and peer-review report formats.
Maximum number of students per group: 30

Course Reading (the full list):

Core reading:

Saunders M., Lewis Ph., Thornhill A. Research Methods for Business Students. Prentice Hall, 2016

Supplementary reading:

Adams, J. et al. 2014. Research methods for business and social science students. 2nd ed. Sage. [Electronic resource]

Easterby-Smith M., Thorpe R., Lowe A. Management Research: An Introduction, 2nd edition. London: Sage Publications, 2004

Yin R. 2003. Case Study Research: Design and Methods. Thousand Oaks, CA, Sage

Fendt J. Grounded Theory Method in Management Research: Users’ Perspectives // Organizational Research Methods, 2007, August 8.

Eisenhardt K., Graebner M. Theory Building from Cases: Opportunities and Challenges // Academy of Management Journal, 2007, Vol. 50, # 1, pp. 25-32.

Exam format:

Pre-defense: Presentation of Master Thesis and discussion, 15 minutes per student

Grading Policy (% or points):

Course progress – 40%, exam – 60 %.

Course progress

Work-in-progress students’ report – 10%

Modeling and Empirical Data Analysis report –15%

Chapter 1 presentation – 15%


Quality (fit with the requirements) of the Master Thesis and discussion – 60%

Отзывы выпускников