Robin Jensen

Hello everyone from at GSOM SPbU and our friends in the CEMS Community!


The big DAY 1 of the CEMS AE 2015 at GSOM has finally arrived!!! After many months of anticipation laced with tinges of anxiety, the members of the CEMS Student Board have arrived. They immediately got to the business of re-uniting with each other at a beautifully served coffee break (hot coffee with roses on the table and trays decorated with coffee beans and star anise, warm croissants and lemon muffins…uuummhh!! Thanks for a good job to our caterers!).


The GSOM student volunteers are everywhere, waiting to help with a smile and welcoming our guests. Around the halls, all colleagues are looking pleased and putting on their participant’s badges - they love the SPb logo which was designed for the conference. Now, everyone begins to understand and feel that this is OUR event. This is our gift to not only our colleagues from the CEMS community but to each other. We – GSOM -  are doing this together!


Here is a shot of CEMS Coordinator Sasha (holding GSOM mascot Freddie) and some of our volunteers before the first wave of visitors arrived at GSOM this morning.


Thanks, everyone!!!


Robin Jensen