Kirill G. Korniliev

Vice President,  Systems Hardware, IBM CEE

Industry Solutions Business Development


Born on September 24, 1961 in Moscow.

Kirill G. Korniliev

Professional activity

  • In 1984 he graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, faculty of cybernetics. After graduating he had been working as a researcher within his Alma mater until 1992, obtaining in 1990 the PhD in Technical Sciences.
  • Later Kirill became a technical director of "Кudiz-obraz", and in May 1993 started working as a coordinator in the training center of IBM Eastern Europe /Аsia.
  • Very soon Kirill was made head of training center of IBM Eastern Europe /Аsia, in charge of IBM clients and partners trainings.
  • In December 1996 Kirill Korninyev was moved to IBM Europe training center in Brussels. His task was to implement the remote learning project for the professional reeducation of  IBM  Europe, Middle East and Asia staff. In may 1997 Кiryl G. Korniliev was appointed executive director IBM Eastern Europe/ Asia. For one year he had been controlling the operations of IBM  Russia and CIS, being  in charge of  the company ‘s strategic planning, sales forecast, reporting. His successful work on this position allowed  Кiryl G. Korniliev to be appointed regional Marketing&development director in September 1998 with responsibilities for finance and key client service support, including technology and office operations. 
  • Since May  2002 Кiryl G. Korniliev took the position of  the general director IBM Eastern Europe /Аsia.
  • Кiryl G. Korniliev continuously aims to improve his professionals skills, to raise both his own efficiency and the company performance. He highly appreciates postgraduate education and in 2003 he graduated from Henley Management College, UK, with MBA degree.
  • Кiryl G. Korniliev joined the GSOM SPbU Advisory Board in 2007, and from 2012 till today is a Head of the Advisory Board committee for academic development. Over the past years he gave several guest lectures to GSOM students &faculty within the Master Day Event and the project “Business leaders at GSOM”.

General information

  • Кiryl G. Korniliev is married, has son and daughter.

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