David J. Teece

Berkeley Research Group, Chairman and Principal Executive Officer

David J. Teece

Professional activity

A graduate of the University of Canterbury and University of Pennsylvania, where he got his Ph.D. in Economics. Before 1982 Teece was an Assistant professor at the Stanford University.


Since 1982 his career is connected with Haas Business School, University of California. In the years of 1983 – 94 Teece was a director of the Center for Research in Management (CRM), and in 1993 he became a director of the Institute of Management, Innovation and Organization (IMIO), University of California, Berkeley. 


David J. Teece is the author of many papers and publications, among them ‘Essays in Technology Management and Policy’ (World Scientific Publishing, 2003) and ‘Managing Intellectual Capital: Organizational, Strategic, and Policy Dimensions’. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2000).

His Current Research themes include the role of product and process development, and intellectual property in the competitive performance of the business enterprise, competitive performance of firms in the global marketplace, innovation and the organization of industry, to name a few.


Teece is identified by Accenture (a global management consulting company) as one of the World’s Top 50 Living Business Intellectuals.


Honorary Doctorate in St. Petersburg State University, Russia (2000), Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (March 2004), Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland (May 2004).

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