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23 Mar 2020

E-learning trasition: main news





March 19, 2020

  • Instructions on using the MS Teams remote work platform for faculty >> and students >> are available. Access to files is open through corporate accounts.

  • A joint seminar of GSOM and the consulting company Gartner on ensuring business continuity and employee safety in a pandemic took place. 

  • 100 lessons in a remote format took place. 


March 18, 2020

  • More than 90 classes for Bachelor and Master students were held online.

  • Everything is being done to quickly provide faculty and staff with the missing equipment for remote work. To ensure an uninterrupted Internet connection, it is planned to attract School partner —  MegaFon.

  • Additional training for employees of the technical support department for organizing work at MS Teams is planned.

  • The options of remote access to the library and information resources of GSOM are being developed.

  • It is studied  the possibilities of conducting exams in a remote format.

  • A meeting of the Student Council with Director of GSOM SPbU was held.

  • Preparations have begun to create a support hotline with an online application processing system for the period of mass transition to remote work.

  • We created stickers for avatars on Facebook and invite everyone to support the transition of GSOM to the online format.


March 17, 2020

  • Exchange students, studying  at GSOM, are recommended to return to their home country.

  • MS Teams instructions have been prepared and sent out to professors.

  • The first training webinars were scheduled.

  • All professors gave feedback on the preferred working venue (home office, Mikhailovskaya Dacha campus, the Volkhovskiy Building), as well as technological support. The necessary missing equipment will be purchased. Work from home is preferable, the second priority is Mikhailovskaya Dacha campus — there are individual isolated classrooms for faculty.

  • Classes within the continuing education programs will be postpone to a later date.

  • GSOM SPbU Programs' Open Days will be held online. 

  • Training time for student volunteers who will advise their classmates on issues of work at MS Teams was scheduled.

  • All students' and faculty reviews for each lesson are being collected.

GSOM SPbU experience: how to solve the technology issue in the transition to distance learning >>


March 16, 2020

  • A working group on transfer lectures online and develop measures to counter the spread of coronavirus infection was organized. There is its composition >>.

  • Microsoft Teams platform was chosen for communication and online lectures.

  • An online technical support service has been created to help lecturers use Microsoft Teams. You can contact specialists at

  • The preparation of individual workplace for broadcasts for lecturers has begun.

  • The Mikhailovskaya Dacha campus and the Volkhovskiy Building are open and work in daily format, the library is open as usual with reasonable security measures. However, students are not recommended to attend GSOM SPbU campuses without urgent need.

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Together with the management St. Petersburg University, we made a difficult but important decision: from March 16, GSOM cancels all face-to-face events and transfers educational programs to online. We believe that it is right to minimize the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection and take these measures so as not to jeopardize the health of students, lecturers and faculty, our employees, friends and relatives of the older generation.

We will do our best to provide students and professors with the opportunity to continue their studies in the usual rhythm, while remaining at home. This process will require organizational changes and the introduction of new technical solutions. In the very near future, we will inform you about the procedure for starting off distance learning and about the necessary steps to access online resources.

Now we cannot predict when we will return to the usual format of classes. But as soon as we are sure of the safety of your stay within the walls of the School, we will be happy to return to the GSOM campuses.

In circumstances that the modern world has never encountered before, making decisions and organizing processes both on a personal and global level is a difficult but very important experience. We are sure that following the rules of conduct during a pandemic and reducing social contacts will allow us all to minimize risks. And the introduction of modern technologies and the involvement of everyone in the implementation of new approaches will make it possible not only to go through this difficult period without losing the quality of training, but also to bring the educational process to a new technological level.

We hope for your understanding, responsibility and solidarity.


Olga K. Dergunova

Director of GSOM SPbU,

Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank



Classes will be hold online

On March 16, it was decided to conduct all classes in online format using the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and BlackBoard. We advise students to refrain from visiting the GSOM and SPbU campuses during this period without urgent need. Details about the distance learning will be reported via corporate email.

Guidelines to MS Teams                                                    Guidelines to MS Teams 
for professors>>                                                              for students>>


Events Cancellation

All previously approved public scientific, cultural, educational, entertainment, sporting and other public events in the territory of St. Petersburg University and with the participation of St. Petersburg University from March 14, 2020 have been cancelled or postponed before the cancellation of published Recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus infection.


We will contact each person who previously registered for the event separately. At the moment, the following changes are planned for upcoming events:




On March 13, the Governor of St. Petersburg signed a decree On measures to counteract the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in St. Petersburg. It contains key recommendations for countering the spread of infection that should be followed by all people. Here are the main ones:

  • It is recommended to refrain from traveling outside the country, as well as from visiting theatrical and entertainment, cultural, educational, entertainment, sports and other public events.
  • Arrivals from China, Korea, Italy, Iran, France, Germany and Spain are recommended to provide their isolation at home for 14 days from the date of return and call a doctor to the house.
  • Arrivals from countries where new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported (the list of countries should be followed on the World Health Organization website), should immediately report about their return to Russia by phone number 112.
  • If you have fever, cough and other signs of the disease, you should immediately ask for medical help, staying at home.


Rospotrebnadzor recommends washing hands, closing your mouth when sneezing and coughing, avoid congestion and contact with patients, wear a mask, use personal hygiene products and consult a doctor to reduce the likelihood of spreading the infection.


How will my schedule change? How soon will all the courses become available online?

From March 16, all lectures and seminars are scheduled online. The exception is a number of disciplines that have features and require the use of special software. Lecturers of these classes will contact students individually and informs about further necessary actions. 



How can I access classes?

Use Microsoft Teams: you can log in via the web version or install the program on a PC and smartphone using your university email address ( and the password for it.


Are all processes will be conducted in Teams, or is BlackBoard still relevant?

Microsoft Teams has become the main platform for conducting online classes and for communicating with lectures has become. You can use the Blackboard as usual for sharing materials, exhibiting and receiving assignments and grades.


If I have problems with Teams, who can help me?

 If you have any difficulties setting up the service, please contact the operational technical support service:


 How will you check the students' attendance online?

Transferring classes to online does not cancel the mandatory attendance: Microsoft Teams allows lecturers to see your presence in the online class, so for disciplines that have points for attendance, nothing will change.  


 How do campuses work? Can somebody get into the building?

From 28.03.2020 to 07.04.2020 the buildings will be closed. Library does not work. Remote access was organized to the databases of the GSOM library, which were available exclusively from the library computers. Access is granted by appointment and in accordance with the booked time. Adress your request to:



 I have more questions, who can answer? 

To quickly solve the problems that arise, a working group has been created at GSOM. 

For technical support and use of MS Teams, please contact:

For teaching and methodological support, please contact the academic directors of Bachelor and Master programs, or Olga Ni. Alkanova, Head of the Methodological Direction of the working group:


For all other questions, write to


P.S. Colleagues, we must succeed in overcoming this turbulent period. May this challenge help us create the best educational space in the industry for the acquisition of knowledge, sharing experience and developing new competencies.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!