"Data" changes the world: President of Citi in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan about the future that comes true

On March 28, within the framework of events timed to the 100 anniversary of Citi in Russia, Mark Lue, President of Citi in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and a member of the GSOM Advisory Board, visited the Graduate School of Management SPbU. More than 100 people - students, graduates and employees of the School gathered in GSOM SPbU to discuss the future and the place of the person in it.



"Data" determines the future


The invention of plastic became revolutionary in the 1960s and determined the development of the market and of mankind as a whole for the next several decades. What does determine the present and the future now? The answer is "data", information. Humanity has never created as much data as it has in recent years. What does this mean for business and companies? Mark Lue recalled that the five major business giants on the market today are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, and these are companies that work with "data".


75% of the world's online advertising budget goes to Facebook and Google. Future specialists in the field of banking, and other fields should understand what will be relevant, and what knowledge will be needed to have to remain in demand in the market. Robots and artificial intelligence perfectly cope with those tasks that require repetition and automation, and this means that in the near future all the professions associated with such tasks will disappear.




"Common sense" distinguishes a man from a robot


In his inspirational speech Mark Lue pointed out that despite the automation and robotization of the world around, despite the fact that the future is coming up by leaps and bounds, and Ilon Mask is launching a company to create microchips for implantation into the brain, the person still has areas in which technology can not surpass it. A person is much better than a robot recognizes and notes patterns and, based on their observations, draws conclusions. But the most important thing that a person has is "common sense". A person realizes that in the water is wet, the fire is hot, and has allegorical thinking and "common sense".


Therefore, the future profession in which a person can not be replaced is a profession related to creativity, and the ability to think strategically and flexibly.





Technological transformation of banking


Noting the changes in the banking area, Mark Lue pointed out the emergence of new identification technologies, such as the introduction of biometric data collection, voice identification, robotics, and the creation of entire automated company branches that do not need human presence at all.


To the final, Mark Lue said that the language of the future is programming, but despite this, he wished to everyone to enjoy their activities and not forget about creativity.