About the leaders of nowadays and the features of headhunting: a meeting with Georgy Abdushelishvili was held at GSOM SPbU

Within the GSOM Family practitioners' club, a meeting was held with Georgy Abdushelishvili, co-founder and senior partner of Ward Howell, who was at the forefront of headhunting in Russia.


Students, graduates, HR specialists, friends and guests of GSOM SPbU gathered to discuss leadership and management in the modern world, corporate governance, the role of Boards of directors in Russian companies, and learn more about the business of headhunting. The moderator of the meeting was Alexander Bayzarov, a second-year GSOM SPbU master student.





Find the best in the world


The task of an effective HR manager is to find the best specialist to the company. The task of a headhunter is to find the best manager of the best. What kind of person should it be and what is it today's leader? George Abdushelishvili identifies four types of modern managers:

  1. The style of AVITO. People who work in companies called GAFN (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix) - young, casual, free, work outside organizational structures, are able to work effectively in uncertain situations in different teams.
  2. The Alpha Style. They are young, but more pragmatic, with steel in the eyes, successful and efficient, workable.
  3. Technocrats. They are very educated, efficient, young, form an opinion on the basis of analysts, do not seek political dividends (Georgy Abdushelishvili noted that recently a large number of such specialists appear in the government - ministers Maxim Oreshkin, Nikolai Nikiforov, deputy chairman of the Central Bank Ksenia Yudaeva, some governors).
  4. Leaders of large corporations. They work well with stakeholders, with central authority, are also actively changing and are constantly learning.


George notes that the manager's portrait is different today, and the main difficulty of a headhunter is to understand which manager is best suited for each of the tasks.


Don’t label people. Everyone changes in his own way


An important characteristic of modern leaders is their curiosity and readiness to change. The ability to perceive and interpret the world around us is something that helps to develop, grow and stay in demand.


Leaders today must have a "passion" - a desire to achieve something and, therefore, put a huge amount of effort to achieve the goals. Leaders satisfy their ambitions - the desire to achieve success and grow, and, therefore, receive recognition and satisfaction from their work. In addition, leaders today are thinking about how to make the world a better place and work in this direction.




The role of Boards of directors in Russian companies today


Answering the question about the role of the Boards of directors, George Abdushelishvili noted that the presence of the Board of Directors can be useful for the company. If a company has one owner, creating a board of directors is often unnecessary. But if the company has several owners, then the Board of directors, at least, raises the value of the company on the market. In addition, it is the management body that helps to protect the company from bankruptcy and promotes the development of the corporation. The Board of directors helps the management of the company to make the right strategic decisions.

Thus, according to the speaker, the role of Boards of directors is growing, and their task is to deal with strategic issues of companies.


In conclusion, George noted that in the modern world, the development of professional skills and career stand on a par with that part of life that begins when we leave the office. Do not forget about your personal life, caring for yourself, your family and your soul - all this is no less important for the leader than his work.








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