TEDxSPbU: “Together” - ideas worth spreading

Despite the calendar spring, on Saturday, 22nd the campus “Mikhailovskaya Dacha” was snow-covered like in winter. This fact was not a problem for guests of the event: students from different departments of the University, employees, partners of the Graduate School of Management SPbU and extraordinary speakers were getting “together” at the TED conference.


TED conferences are held all around the world. Famous representatives of science, culture and business present their ideas on the stage of the conference.



Within the framework of TEDxSPbU, 12 representatives of different fields of activity told inspiring stories from professional and personal experience, shared ideas that are worthy to being heard by a wide audience. All speaker speeches are recorded and uploaded to the TED official YouTube channel.



The head of the organizing committee of the conference, the third year student of GSOM SPbU Vadim Nefedyev opened the conference with a speech, in which he noted that among the thousands of applications the most interesting representatives of University were selected, and called upon all present students and guests to get acquainted with each other.

"I walked the same road, but I did not see the road itself, I just kept going"

Daryan Volkova: how one profession gives inspiration to another




Daryan Volkova, a ballerina in the past and a ballet photographer in the present, was the first who entered the stage of the "Mikhailovskaya Dacha" conference hall. In her speech, Daryan talked how everyone can dream and strive for one goal for a long time, then realize that it does not bring complete satisfaction, and find themselves in another activity. Once she came up with the idea of combining ballet which she knows perfectly, with photography which existed in her life as a hobby. So Darian became a ballet photographer and showed the world backstage ballet life and found her vocation. 



"Delay a moment of pleasure and you achieve more"

Alexander Murataev: how to make a hobby into a favorite work



Personal experience of Alexander is rather similar to the experience of Daryan. нравится второй Like a ballerina’s career, a professional athlete's one is finished very early. Like ballerinas, professional athletes finish their career very early.)What to do next sometimes it's not. What to do next sometimes it's not immediately clear. Alexander made a bet on his hobby – “tricks”. He learned how to develop it more effectively and won. The main idea that Alexander carried - any business can bring sufficient income, but you need to develop in it, study it thoroughly, and find various ways to profit from what you do. After a while, your favorite hobby will be your favorite work.

"The world is worried how do we live without sun"

Victoria Evdokimova: call the stranger 



In our time of progress and quick development of technologies, 75% of all messages are sent in text format. We began to forget what real communication, real emotions and real intimacy are. Within the framework of the TED conference, the talk about the importance of personal communication was made by Victoria Evdokimova, the founder of the project “Saint Petersburg Number”.

“Saint Petersburg Number” is an app for phones that allows you to call any St. Petersburg citizen from anywhere in the world. To be added to the network of contacts, you should install the application on the phone and wait for a call from a random stranger. Victoria said that often the first question is about the weather: “the world is worried how do we live without sun”, and also she told about how much the world supported St. Petersburg in difficult for the city days.

The more technology conqueers the world, real people are replaced by bots and automated systems, the more important real interpersonal communication  is.


"Checkmate, atheists. The world is really strange"

Oleg Illarionov: religion in the postreligious world



Today we live in an age when fewer people are adherents of traditional religious confessions. It seems that in an age of atheism, when science can explain every phenomenon around, there is no place for religion anymore. Many atheists believe that the world is very simple, but it is not. How do you explain the quantum entanglement or behavior of nano particles?

“From the scientific point of view, I can fall through the floor right now. If you think differently, you are wrong according to the science” - says Oleg Illarionov. In his speech, the speaker presented several scientific theories that today seem so incredible to us that they are close to miracles, and in due course may well become scientific religions of the future.

Olga Kaliayeva "How to prepare to the speech for the TED conference"



The second block of presentations began with a story by Olga Kalyaeva, a business coach who prepares speakers for speeches.


Olga shared what the ideal speech should consist of:

  1. The most important thing is the idea. The speaker should think about the thoughts that the audience would have after his lecture. A good idea is something new, amazing, or another look at the usual things
  2. We speak with a speed of 120 words per minute, but the speed of thoughts is 500 words per minute. So, when the speaker talks, the listener has enough space for his thoughts. The task of the speaker is to make these 300-400 words in the mind of audience concentrate around the idea of the speech.
  3. Everything should be clear for listeners, because there is no way to ask the question directly to the speaker during the speech.
  4. Work with the audience using a glance, gesture, intonation and pauses.
  5. Rehearse. Even if you could easily improvise - rehearse.


"When the best leader finishes his work, people say that they did everything themselves" Lao Tzu


Yakov Adamov: the team does not need a boss



The speech of Yakov Adamov, commercial director of the group of hotels Marriot, was devoted to the leadership in modern society and features of contemporary leader. According to the speaker, the differences between boss and the leader can be explained by the expression that “the boss is riding on, and the leader is leading”. Yakov Adamov said that processes in the team and the family are the same.

The leader should to:

  • “feed” and - “feed” and provide conditions for the development of the employee
  • teach how to function in a company effectively
  • and let go.


Time changes, processes and approaches change, and leadership became the kind of supervision.

"Ask your doctor if he speaks English"

Peter Krivorotko: Informed means to be armed?



Sometimes it looks like we are getting more and more information about cancer. Why has it happened? Is the number of diseases increasing? Fortunately it is not true. We just started talking about the problem more often. For 17 years of the practice Peter Krivorotko, who is a world specialist in cancer treatment and Head of the Oncology department, followed many changes in oncology. Yes, medicine cannot cure all kinds of cancer; however, the process of treatment has become much better and more effective due to the individual approach to treatment and the creation of localized drugs. Despite his many years of experience, the St. Petersburg leading oncologist-mammologist does not cease to believe in the miracle and rejoices when people unexpectedly get better the amendment in spite of all the forecasts.


There are more and more systems in the world where people are not needed at all. Do we need a person in space? Where should he go and why? These questions were answered by Alexander Khokhlov in his speech “Why do we need to go into space?” Dmitry Nesterov, a specialist at Greenpeace, in his speech, seemed to tell the audience how to make the planet better and cleaner with minimal effort. Tianxiao Zhao, a Chinese student and a representative of foreign students in St. Petersburg State University, spoke about China's current development, technology and personal experience of living in another country. About how we can use the negative influence of oxidants with benefits, Sebastian Ramdarov, a researcher at the Laboratory of Biomolecular NMR of SPbU told in his speech. The history of her growth and gaining confidence was presented by the well-known blogger Maria Novosad. Oleg Maslov, a student of St. Petersburg State University, who won the selection among students of SPbU for participation in TEDxSPbU, finished the program of the conference.


It was an important day for the participants and organizers of the event, for the campus “Mikhailovskaya Dacha” and GSOM SPbU. We gathered together to hear the worthy ideas, to be inspired and carry these ideas on.




TEDxSPbU: «Вместе» - идеи достойные распространения