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20 Apr 2020

Daniil Smelkov told about on volunteering, education at GSOM SPbU, leadership program and work at Bacardí

Every complexity today can turn into an opportunity tomorrow, if you add a little optimism, desire and action. Even when the world is “paused,” we can be inspired and inspire. GSOM SPbU alumni do not stop proving that borders exist only in our heads.

Daniil Smelkov is a alumnus of the “Public Administration” program of 2019. MCW team talked with Daniil about the developing in the chosen direction, world of business, and work on the Volemos leadership program at Bacardí. 

Tell us about your admission to GSOM SPbU: did you purposefully choose the “Public Administration” program or was it chosen by chance?

Yes, I purposefully entered to the "Public Administration" program and all my life I dreamed of studying in St. Petersburg, and the program of GSOM SPbU was and remains the best program of this direction.


What was the most useful and memorable practical experience during the education?

This is a joint work with Evgeny V. Gilenko, my supervisor and mentor. Evgeny Gilenko taught us how to develop a strategic approach to large complex tasks and not pay attention to the difficulties encountered in their implementation. In difficult situations, I always remember his favorite phrase: “And the mice cried, pricked, but continued to eat cacti,” this is the essence of hard work.


How did you manage to become the headquarters staff of the Universiade?

I was born and raised in the city of Krasnoyarsk and before entering GSOM SPbU I was enthusiastically engaged in volunteering. Already in my 2nd year, I realized that volunteering is a great opportunity to implement a large own project. At first it was very difficult: the goal of the Universiade headquarters was completely incomprehensible to others. We had to literally explain to everyone the goals and objectives of the movement, but the result was worth it: in just a year, we developed from the level of St. Petersburg University to Regional, and subsequently held several events for the St. Petersburg Sports Committee and the regional stage of the Universiade fire relay. Thus began a 3-year-long story that included 100 events and brought together 5,000 volunteers.


How volunteering and participation in conferences can be useful?

With this, you can develop your social capital and such important soft skills for future work as sociability, proactivity and flexibility.


Why did you choose the Volemos program in Bacardí?

I reviewed the leadership programs of different FMCG companies, but some factors determined Bacardí's choice:

- a worthwhile product (a wide product portfolio in the Russian market);

- work with iconic brands, some of which are synonymous with categories (for example, Martini);

- a very cool team (Bacardí culture is built on three pillars: Family, Founders, Fearless).