21 Sep 2020

"GSOM SPbU has given me a powerful development of competences" - Daniil Ivanov, a graduate of the bachelor's program in 2016

Daniil Ivanov, a 2016 graduate of the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University (SPbU)in Financial Management. After his graduation, he began his career at Deloitte. Currently, Daniil holds a position as leading expert at Gazprom Export. 


Why did you decide to go to GSOM? How did you find out about the business school?

First, perhaps at an unconscious level, already during my adolescence, I had an understanding that there is a market for education and that GSOM is a leader among educational institutions.  Secondly, I knew that the GSOM had a strong program in Finance, which was both was strong in terms of knowledge in exact sciences as well as in the ability to effectively distribute tasks. 


I learned about GSOM through friends of my parents who are associated with business management. 


Tell us about the learning process? What was the hardest part? 

GSOM uses a variety of formats: both classical methods of training, as interactive - business cases, public appearances, work in teams, communication with invited speakers-such as partners from business, and tasks using IT-technology.  


Personally, for me, the most difficult thing was to develop in the practice of public speaking, for which I am today very grateful to GSOM. 


After graduation, you worked for Deloitte, how did you get an offer? What was the selection process like?

To begin with, during the last semester of my bachelor's degree preparation of a diploma, I did a parallel internship at Gazprom Export, where I had a good track record. To get to the internship, I went through several selection stages: CV screening, motivation interview with HR management, and another interview and analysis of work cases with key employees of the financial department. 


After my internship and defending my diploma at GSOM, I did not have sufficient experience to work in the financial department of Gazprom Export. So, I decided, after studying market trends, that I would get the most relevant and comprehensive financial experience at Big4. I sent my resume to audit and consulting companies and subsequently successfully passed the selection process at Deloitte, which included CV screening, motivation interview, passing tests for knowledge of finance and English, public presentation of a business case and presentation of results, interview with company managers. Recommendations from my internship, including one from the head of the Financial Department of Gazprom Export, who previously had worked as a manager at Deloitte, helped me to successfully pass the selection. 



What are your challenges at Gazprom Export? 

Financial management, in a nutshell. I participate in the strategic long-term planning of the company's activities and budgeting processes, I conduct corporate control of equity activities, and I take part in financial negotiations concerning joint ventures and more. 


One of my latest tasks is to participate in the preparation of materials for the three-year planning period of Gazprom Export Group's indicators for 2021-2023 for top management and work on updating the budgetary policy of the joint venture with all that it implies. 


Give some advice for those who also want to get into a big company after graduation. 

I think it is necessary to create "personal capital" in terms of professionalism, within the surrounding business community. And this is universal - it is important not only to get into a large company after graduation, but also to create your own business, creative development, etc. 


In the first two cases, you should always try to keep in mind the idea of self-determination in the profession. In addition to concentrated training, after the first or second year I recommend participation in all sorts of cases from companies, panel discussions, communication with partners of the GSOM, to attend career days, to learn to write your CV, to pass not only planned internships in companies.


Globally - the creation of personal "capital," self-determination and energy, are, perhaps, during your student years, more important than ever. 



What competencies acquired while studying at GSOM were useful in work, and which ones did you have to acquire on your own? 

The key competence is the effectiveness of setting priorities and tasks, in other words, time management. It developed as a matter of necessity because of the heavy workload in the learning process and at the same time, the desire to participate in social activities. I realized that half of what I was working on could not be done or done in less time, but it comes with professionalism. 


Other equally important competencies obtained within the walls of the alma mater - teamwork and systemic thinking. Numerous practical tasks in different disciplines, participation in optional case-competitions have taught me to look for an approach to communication within the team to achieve common team goals. The abundance of formats has developed the competence associated with system thinking, the tasks in the training required comprehensive analysis and understanding of all the interconnectedness of the system. 


GSOM gave me powerful development of communication skills: we participated in discussions, public speeches and worked in teams. In the working environment, I continued to develop this competence: in the business environment there is a need to defend your position, to learn to negotiate, and to participate in negotiations, - this is another level. 


What was the most valuable thing received in the course of studying at GSOM? 

Definitely communication, knowledge, resources, dating and access to the community. These are the friends with whom we motivate each other. 


Share a few tips for prospective GSOM undergraduate students. 

It is necessary to absorb to the maximum all information, naturally with the emphasis on the chosen direction. In the future, even what seems initially insignificant, it is sure to pop up, but you will already have experience and guidance in order to take action. And it's not just for use during your school years.