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Business Games Results


L'Oreal Brandstorm 2016


On May 19, 2016 the final game of the national L'Oreal Brandstorm took place in the company's office in Moscow.

The winner of the Russian finals became a team of 3 students of the Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University! The team Clean Sweep is represented by (from left to right in the picture):

• Victoria Mihaylova 
• Darya Mudrova
• Anastasia Petrunina

Now Clean Sweep is going to Paris to represent Russia in international finals where is to compete with national champions from 45 countries!

We congratulate our students and wish them the best of luck!



BAT Russia Case Competition 2016


On April 14, 2016 in the BAT Moscow office finals of BAT Russia Case Competition took place!

There were 70 teams from across Russia willing to participate in the competition but only 5 of them got into the finals.

The winner of the competition became a team of 4 students of the Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University! The team Approved by GSOM is represented by 3-year students (from left to right in the picture):

• Maria Shaklanova 
• Karina Hafizova
• Karina Tkach
• Natalya Chershembeeva

We congratulate our students and wish them best of luck in the forthcoming contest!



Saint Petersburg Changellenge Cup 2016


On April 12, 2016 the final contest of Saint Petersburg Changellenge Cup was held.

The 3rd place was taken by a team of 4 students of the Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University! The team Case Odyssey is represented by 3-year students (from left to right in the picture):

• Alexander Kovalkov
• Olga Alexeeva
• Lyudmila Balikhanova 
• Yulia Alexandrovich

We congratulate our students and wish them the best of luck!



Creative shock`15 case-competition in Vilnius


On 3-6 December an international final of Creative shock`15 case-competition was held in Vilnius. In the final there were top 8 teams from different countries. One of them is GSOM SPbU team represented by (from left to right in the picture):

• Ruslan Victorov
• Anna Ivanova
• Maria Kozlova

To solve the case the participants should have showed their analytical skills and teamwork skills. In the end GSOM SPbU team took the 2nd place!

We congratulate our students and wish them the best of luck! 



CIMA Global Business Challenge


On June 8, 2015 in the PwC Moscow office Russian national finals of CIMA 2015 Global Business Challenge took place!

All in all there were 120 teams from across Russia willing to participate in the competition but only 4 of them got into the finals. These teams saw the best results after the pre-selection. Three of these four were represented by the students of the Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University.

The following teams participated in the finals:

  • 4Experts, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow
  • Neva Band, Graduate School of Management SPbU, Saint Petersburg
  • Nota Bene, Graduate School of Management SPbU, Saint Petersburg
  • On-The-Move, Graduate School of Management SPbU, Saint Petersburg

National finals was aimed at choosing the best of the teams that would represent Russia on the international finals. Experienced judges in the face of financial directors and top-managers of the biggest international companies (such as Unilever, BAT, PwC, Barclays), played a part of a management board. They were to make decision on the future development of a company using the recommendations given by the consulters in the face of the competitors.

Graduate School of Management team Neva Band was announced to be the winner of the competition.The team was represented by four 4-year “Financial Management” students (in the picture from left to right): Ekaterina Beloborodko, Ekaterina Mokina, Milana Bubyakina, Dina Vildanova. The students got the grand-prix of the competition – 100 000 RUR and prizes by the companies. But the main award given was that the team got a chance to win the international finals that will take place in the capital of Poland – Warsaw in August of 2015.

Prizes were distributed as follows:

1st runner-up: Nota Bene team represented by four 4-year students of GSOM SPbU Egor Babkin (Financial Management), Nikita Vakhabov (Financial Management), Viktoria Petrova (Marketing) and Anastasia Salnikova (Financial Management) got the prize of 80 000 RUR and a chance to do an internship in one of the sponsor companies.

2nd runner-up: 4Experts team from the Higher School of Economics got the prize of 60 000 RUR and a chance to do an internship in one of the sponsor companies.

3rd runner-up: On-The-Move team represented by GSOM SPbU students Anna Lozhkina (2 year, Public Administration), Yulia Tukmakova (3 year, Marketing), Varvara Berdyuzhenko (2 year, Marketing), Valeria Kolobova (2 year, Logistics) got the prize of 40 000 RUR.

The “Best Speaker” of the competition was named Viktoria Petrova from Nota Bene team.

Nota Bene also got a prize of 25 000 RUR for the “Best Video” presentation.

We congratulate our students and wish them the best of luck!



L'Oreal Brandstorm 2015


On April 22, 2015 the final game of the national L'Oreal Brandstorm took place in the company's office in Moscow.

The winner of the Russian finals became a team of 3 students of the Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University! The team Flawless is represented by 4-year students (from left to right in the picture):

  • Daria Arzamaskina
  • Arina Faul
  • Polina Ananieva

Now Flawless is going to Paris to represent Russia in international finals where is to compete with national champions from 45 countries!

We congratulate our students and wish them the best of luck!



Growth Driver 2015


On March 01, 2015 International Corporate Finance Competition Growth Driver - 2015 was held at the Moscow State University. The competition is organized by the Economic Faculty of MSU n.a. Lomonosov.

International Corporate Finance Competition Growth Driver is a unique educational project for Russia. Via this championship bachelor students can demonstrate to the top-management of invest banks, consulting companies and companies of other sectors their knowledge in corporate finance subject, their ability for presentation making and for defending their calculations.

The Championship started early in October and was held in three levels. In the final game there were 36 team from across Russia, CIS countries and Baltic countries. The winner of the competition in 2015 became GSOM SPbU team "Piter Finans" represented by (from left to right in the picture):

  1. Boris Yanauer (4th year student of the bachelor program "Financial management")
  2. Andrey Zinchenko (4th year student of the bachelor program "Financial management")
  3. Ilya Nikonorov (3rd year student of the bachelor program "Financial management")
  4. Maria Purtova (3rd year student of the bachelor program "Financial management", Maria is on the other side of the camera)

In individual competition the first prize went to Ilya, while Andrey and Boris got second prizes.

The students got plenty of positive feedback from experts as well as won valuable prizes!

We congratulate our students and wish them many successes in future!



Henkel Innovation Challenge 8


On 26 February 2015 national finals of Henkel Innovation Challenge 8 took place in Moscow.

The winner of the competition was announced ParLis Team represented by Maria Murasheva (The Graduate School of Management SPbU) and Maria Veselova (MGIMO). The students presented the innovation idea of a hair powder spray that makes you to reduce har-drier usage.

Now ParLis is going to represent Russia in international finals in Austria. There they are going to compete with teams from 27 countries from all over the world!

We congratulate our students and wish them best of luck in the forthcoming contest!



KPMG International Case Competition


On 19 February, 2015, the regional final of KPMG International Case Competition was held  in Saint-Petersburg . GSOM SPBU students Ilya Galaktionov (Master of Corporate Finance 2015), Konstantin Gusev (Master of Corporate Finance 2015), Polina Zinchenko (Master of International Business 2015) and Svetlana Kolokolova (Master of International Business 2015) have won the regional round the second year in a row.  The second stage is Russia and CIS final, which will be held on 11-12 March, 2015 in Moscow. The best team will represent Russia and CIS region at KPMG International Case Competition global final in Dubai, UAE, on 11-16 April, 2015.

We wish our team the best of luck in the finals!



Global Student Challenge powered by Supply Chain Finance Community


Both teams of the GSOM SPbU Master Students are included in the TOP-20 of the teams, which took part in the Global Round (Competition) of the Global Student Challenge, leaving behind 200 other teams, representing 50 different countries.

Due to the latest updates, the “Panda Team” (Oleg Sokolov, MITIM-2015; Alexandra Lukavchenko, MITIM-2015; Polina Zinchenko, MIB-2015; Alexandra Molnar, MIB-2015) is included in the honored list of the winners and will participate in the final round.  While the “GSOM The One” team (Pierre Lagarde, MIM-2015; Sergey Gaustov, MIB-2015; Florian Foss, MIB-2015; Viktor Klemetiev, MITIM-2015) wins the first place in the top list. The competition is organized by the Supply Chain Finance Community.

The competition is held among full-time students including MBA students. Universities and business schools can only enter the competition rounds with a maximum of two teams. It is based on The Cool Connection, a simulation specifically designed around the physical and financial supply chain. Working in teams of four, participants represent the functional roles of sales, purchasing, supply chain and finance.

The competition includes three stages. The first stage is the National Round (Qualification), which selects the students, who will represent a school. The second Global Round (Competition) in which qualified student teams compete in 3 competition rounds monitored by SCFC & TCC. The final stage is Grand Finale, comprising the TOP 20 of the world’s top teams together with their professors are invited for a full week of Supply Chain Finance experience in The Netherlands. Presently the second stage is over. The Top 3 teams includes not only our team called “GSOM The One” (1 place), but also the “Ace Killer” team from China (2nd place) and “The Cool CSU” from the USA (3rd place).

We wish our teams “Panda team” and “GSOM The One” the best of luck at the Grand Finale!



Festival «In audit style» 2014 


On December 4 all-Russia "Festival in audit style" was held in Moscow. The event was attended by "Battles in audit style" finalists from across Russia and the winners of the "Games in audit style" and "St Pete in audit style" that took place in autumn 2014 in Moscow and Saint Petersburg respectively.

After three rounds of exciting cases on cinema, theatre and fashion industry topics contestants participated in creative competition.

The winner of the Festival eventually became the team under the name "Zorro" that was represented by the 3rd-year students of the Institute "Graduate School of Management" SPbU (concentration in financial management):

  • Kirill Berezkin 
  • Maria Purtova (in the picture on the left)
  • Valeria Sinikrakova
  • Elmira Taktasheva (in the picture on the right)

The winner was awarded the main prize - 100 000 rubles cheque.

Also it is necessary to mention that another SPbU team came second in the final competition! The team Empire V was represented by Evgenia Morozova (Faculty of Economics), Elizaveta Markovets (Graduate School of Management) and Artem Romanenko (Graduate School of Management)!

Congratulations to the winners! Many more successes ahead!



Travellenge 2014


On 27-28 November an international final of Travellenge case-competition was held in Copenhagen.

Travellenge is an international case-competition, where students can use their skills in marketing strategy development and teamwork, as well as use their creative approach. This year the case was devoted to Momondo and the topic was the following: How would you grow momondo brand in your market?

The representatives of such companies as momondo, Google, Facebook and MEC Denmark were in the jury of the competition this year.

The second year Master students of Graduate School of Management SPBU Alina Verbenchuk (concentration «Master in Management») and Alexey Kuznetsov (concentration in « Information Technologies and Innovation Management») have become the winners of the international final. Finland and Poland took the second and the third places.

Congratulations to our students!

More information regarding the competition you can find on the web-site


Changellenge Cup SPb 2014


On December 1, 2014  the final contest of Saint Petersburg Changellenge Cup was held.

This year again students participated in two different sections within the competition - "Business" and "Technical".

The best team of the "Technical" section became the team of GSOM SPbU students named "Victoria", which is the result of a fruitful cooperation of (from left to right in the picture): Ekaterina Kiryanova, Alexander Belov, Natalya Nelepina and Viktoria Semistenova!

Congratulations to our students! We wish you many more awards in future!



Gazprom neft oil and gas case cracking competition


On October 28, 2014 Gazprom neft hold a final contest of the oil and gas competition. The contest was divided into two sections - Upstream and Downstream. Each section included 5 the strongest competitors who had already qualified in the previous selection and showed they are stronger than 5000 other competitors.

We are proud to say that one of the teams of the Graduate School of Management SPbU appeared to be among the finalists! Team under the name CaseCrackers came 3rd in the Downstream section! The team was represented by (in the picture from left to right):

  • Dina Vildanova (4th year, concentration in marketing)
  • Olga Boskina (4th year, concentration in logistics)
  • Julia Bogacheva (4th year, concentration in financial management)
  • Ekaterina Kiryanova (4th year, concentration in financial management)

Congratulations to our students! Many more successes ahead!



CIMA Global Business Challenge 2014


On June 9, 2014 in Diageo Moscow office the final contest of the Russian national case championship 'The 2014 CIMA GBC' was held. The winner was announced that same day and the winner is GSOM SPbU team 'Neva Band' represented by Milana Bubyakina, Anastasia Degtyaryeva, Yekaterina Mokina and Yekaterina Beloborodko. In August the four will participate in international finals which takes place in Mumbai, India! 

In the national competition there were 60 teams competing for the right to represent the country in international contest. Among the most successful were SPbU team, MGIMO team and HSE teams.

The best speaker of the competition appeared to be Milana Bubyakina, member of the team 'Neva Band'.

CIMA GBC competition is organized by Management Accounts CIMA Public Accountants Institution in cooperation with Barclays. The competition is aimed at the future business-leaders' potential to become visible. It allows students to check their business knowledge and to show their talents in international arena. Besides it is a wonderful opportunity to show your skills to the leading world employers, to gain the opportunity of international internship in the companies who are the honorable members of the competition or the members of the jury.

All the participants of the 2014 CIMA Global Business Challenge (GBC) were to work with the case of shipbuilding company Merbatty, that operates in premium-class sphere. The participants who have gained the highest marks in semi-final competition gathered in Moscow to express their opinions and give their recommendations. All the participants overviewed the situation the company is in, taking into consideration its long and short term plans and recommended how to develop company' business strategy. Among the judges there were the representatives of the companies KPMG, Barclays, Diageo, BAT, PwC Academy. Business skilld, presentation experiences and problem solving ability.              


P&G Online Case Study 2014


The team Extra Bright represented by Anastasia Degtyaryeva, Yekaterina Makerova, Ilya Zimin, Polina Pavlova and Sergey Dunkov - students of the 3rd year of GSOM SPbU bachelor programs - won the final competition P&G Online Case Study 2014.

The team's solution was chosen as the best of the total 400 solutions, on April 24 in Procter&Gamble Moscow office it was presented to the top-management of the company.

The main award was the trip to Dubai when Extra Bright team visited company's office in Dubai, saw main places of interest and got acquainted with the unique culture of the UAE.

The trip was held in June, 2014.



L'Oreal Brandstorm 2014


On April 23, 2014 5 teams presented their innovative ideas in the context of the Russian national final contest L’Oreal Brandstorm 2014 that was held in Moscow! The teams represented MSU, MSUIR and GSOM SPbU.

JF Team - Yegor Lazarenko, Polina Oleynikova and Dmitriy Pozdnyakov - has won Russian final contest and went to Paris to compete with the teams from 46 other different countries!

The main prizes went to Japan, Pakistan and Malaysia. But our heroes were extremely close to podium!




Oliver Wyman Impact


On 14 March 2014, 5 finalist teams vied with each other for the top spot of the inaugural Moscow case study competition: Oliver Wyman Impact.  More than 100 teams from a number of countries submitted entries. The Grand Final took place in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton hotel. 

Teams delivered their solutions to a panel consisting of Oliver Wyman Partners and Managers. The panel had a fruitful discussion with participants at the end of each presentation and were favorably impressed with the very high quality of team documents and speeches. It proved to be a tough competition where selecting a winner was no easy task!

The winner 2014 was eXceeding eXpectations team of 4 master students:

  • Alina Luchinina
  • Olga Kotelnikova
  • Anastasia Ivanova
  • Tatiana Rubtsova

Congratulations to our students! Best of luck for the future!



Vertical career


The result of the competition Vertical career was announced on December 16, 2013. In the process of the competition the students of Saint Petersburg higher educational establishments presented the projects of the modern university campuses. While presenting the participants were not only talking on the projects but also offered detailed description of the campus infrastructure, budget necessary for the construction and explained chosen strategies advantages.

Secret voting showed that the best project was made by the bachelor student of GSOM SPbU Ilya Pekhtin.

All the participants of the final contest got valuable prizes from the organizers, the winner got the main prize - an opportunity for 2-week educational internship in the USA in February 2014. «I think my most important advantage was the knowledge obtained in GSOM SPbU: information accumulation experience, its systematisation, data analysis, presentations creation and its public defending skills, – tells Ilya Pekhtin. – Besides I tried to make up the project as real as I could - tried to make it attractive for the investors by brenchmarking it with existing Russian campuses. On the basis of all these I managed to sum up what the ideal campus for the students and professors as well as for the investors should look like».

The competition «Vertical Career» ( was held with the support of Saint Petersburg Student Council, Real Estate Market Professionals International Federation FIABCI, Saint Petersburg Committee on the youth politics and public organizations relations. The organizer of the competition was the Intenational company NAI Becar, the organizer of the internship – FIABCI.



Changellenge Cup Moscow 2013


Final contest of Changellenge Cup Moscow was held on December 11, 2013. The winner of the English section became GSOM SPbU students team Dark Horse composed of the students of the 1 year of the master program Alina Verbenchuk, Dmitriy Vladimirov, Dmitriy Vlokh and Oleg Sokolov.

Competing hardly with the teams of HSE, MSU, MSTU n/a Bauman and other Higher education establishments GSOM SPbU managed to gain the first place after the semi-final contest and then - to get the main award in the final contest.

During 3.5 weeks participants have been working on the Harvard pattern business case. The first tour Case of the Championship was dedicated to the development strategy of Alfa-Bank which would allow it to be one of the 3 top bank in the assets scale. 15 teams reached semi-final step. They were to develop the project on the supply chain management of an international food and beverages supplier. The teams were also to present their solution in the form of elevator pitch. After the semi-final 6 teams competed in the final step of the championship. The teams were suggested to think on the case of new marketing plan for the Dove brand of the Unilever company and to present the solution to the managers of the companies Alfa-Bank, Unilever, Accenture, EY, Strategy Partners Group, RosExpert, KPMG and IE Business School. To solve the case the participants should have showed their analitical skills and teamwork skills.



Changellenge Cup SPb 2013


Changellenge Cup SPb is one of the largest Case Competition. 

On November 28, 2013 the final contest of Saint Petersburg Changellenge Cup was held.

This year of the ten teams who succeeded in the first step of the competition in the "Business" section first came GSOM SPbU team Fortune 100500, composed of Anton Titov, Aleksandr Kantorovich, Yekaterina Syrunina and Sergey Galustov.

In the "Technical" section there were also ten successful participants. The main award went to the GSOM SPbU students' team TechTheCase presented by Yegor Safronov, Aleksey Sholokhov, Artem Kuznetsov and Valeria Sinikrakova.

Well done! Keep it up!



L'Oreal Brandstorm 2013


GSOM SPbU team named KO-Signature in June 2013 became the winner of the national final competition L’Oreal Brandstorm 2013.

The team composed of Pavel Kovalenko, Svetlana Komulaynen and Maria Korotkikh - students of the second year of the MIB program, represented Russia in the international final competition L'Oreal Brandstorm in Paris. The contest took place also in June 2013.

Business game L’Oreal Brandstorm has been held since 1992. It is one of the most popular business games in the world. Every year L’Oreal offers students to try themselves as a brand-manager of the company and make up an innovation product.

For the 2013 the task was as follows: participants should create a product L'Oreal Paris for the South East Asia in the sphere of hair care as well as make up a detailed strategy how to launch the product for 6 months and then - for 2 years.



Changellenge Cup Russia 2013


Final contest of the all-Russia case championship Changellenge Cup Russia was held in Moscow on April 29, 2013. GSOM SPbU Team «eXceeding eXpectations» gained second place in the English section.

This time the teams were to offer the company MTS alternative methods of mobile Internet services monetization and present the methods to the judges. After hard competition GSOM SPbU team came second after the team "Sublime" composed of the students of HSE and LSE.

Members of the team are sharing their experience:

  • Olga Kotelnikova:

«I was amazed by the participants level! All the solutions were so logical and deep that I can imagine how tough it was for the judges to decide who should be the best. Our participation in the final contest is already our small award. We'll be back to win next year!»  

  • Anastasia Ivanova:

«Participation in such a competition makes you feel as an employee of a Russian or international company's division. It is a wonderful opportunity to understand business processes from the inside as well as to work among talented people».



McKinsey Business Diving 2013


In April 2013 McKinsey Business Diving Finals took place in Moscow.

The most successful case was created by CoreFuns Team composed of 4 talented students:

  • Yury Prokhorov (GSOM SPbU) (in the picture)
  • Denis Natopta (HSE) (in the picture)
  • Nikolay Tkachenko (HSE)
  • Kirill Enaev (MSTU)

Congratulations to the students and many more successes ahead!



Eastern Europe P&G Online Case Study 2013


Students of GSOM SPbSU – winners of Eastern Europe Procter & Gamble Online Case Study 2013

On March 28th, 2013,the team “Aventura”, which includes Victoria Eliseeva, Maria Navalikhina and Anna Kornilova, 1st year master students of GSOM SPbSU, won the final of Eastern Europe Procter & Gamble Online Case Study 2013 at the Moscow office of P&G. 

The case study involved more than 1500 participants; for the final P&G experts chose 6 best solutions in Eastern Europe, and it included 3 teams from Russia and 3 teams from Ukraine, who presented their solutions to the company leaders in Moscow.

The task of the competition was to launch one of the P&G skin care brands “Olay” in Russian and Ukrainian markets. Participants were to find solutions for all functional areas of P&G activities – from market analysis to the financial plan of the project.

Many students from different parts of Russia participated in the case study, including Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, as well as from many universities, such as Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, Financial University. From Russia all 3 finalists were  from GSOM SPbSU: “Aventura” team (Victoria Eliseeva, Maria Navalikhina and Anna Kornilova), “Victoria” team, which includes 1st year GSOM master students Elena Chiganova, Julia Shmeleva, Dilyara Fakhritdinova and Elena Shatalova, and “HSM-Winners” team, that includes 2nd year GSOM master students Polina Ruska and Maria Putintseva.

The winners of the case study, “Aventura” team members, will go to Kiev to visit Kiev office of P&G as well as its plant in Borispol’, Kiev region, as the prize for their victory.

Participants’ impressions about the championship

“Aventura” Team:

Participation inP&G Online Case Study is not only a valuable practical experience in the solution of real business cases and tasks, but also the opportunity of getting in touch with different business functions. We are very thankful for such an opportunity and for a valuable feedback from P&G representatives about our solution and the future career prospects in Procter & Gamble.  

“Victoria” Team:

Being in the Final competition in P&G Online Case Study gave us the opportunity to see P&G’s operations from the inside: we got in touch with the Company’s top and middle management, and received valuable advice on our future career prospects in the Company and learned their success stories in P&G. The case itself was extremely interesting and multifunctional, requiring knowledge in different business areas and new ideas to bring in. We are very thankful for Procter & Gamble for receiving an opportunity to experience changeling tasks and to open up our potential. 

“HSM-Winners” Team:

It was a remarkable event, organized by highly professional managers. We were very impressed by the management team of P&G, who was highly interested in each of the teams’ solutions and who showed an individual approach for each of the teams. We are very thankful for such an opportunity!


Henkel Innovation Challenge 6


Russian national final of Henkel Innovation Challenge 6 was held in on February 7, 2013 in Henkel's central office in Moscow. Henkel Innovation Challenge is an innovation ideas competition. This year 8 Russian teams took part in the competition for the right to represent Russia in international final contest in Shanghai. Eventually the team "State of Mind" became the winner of the competition. The duet made up a project of the special anti-stress linen conditioner which can improve one's sleep.

Dmitriy Aleksandrovich and Anna Markova are the graduates of the master program of GSOM SPbU. They developed an innovation project of anti-stress linen conditioner enriched with special nano particles. The particles stay on the linen after wash and then they penetrate one's organism during the sleep. The particles are connected with the special mobile application - this allows one's brain activity and sleep stages to be regulated according to the parameters set (sleep hours), biological clock and daily timetable. Thus, the problem of sleep lack can be solved.

On the international final contest in Shanghai in March 2013 «State of Mind» gained 2 place, giving the leading place only to the team from Germany. The winners were awarded by valuable prizes and the right to visit Henkel's main office in Dusseldorf. Both Anna and Dmitriy got job offers from the companies Henkel and MсKinsey!

To get more information on the success story of State of Mind please visit the web-site, and



IBM Best Student Recognition Event 2012


The 2012 EMEA Best Student Recognition Event brought together at IBM Brussels, the top students from across Europe, Middle East and Africa, for a three days event on July 4-6, 2012. The event was attended by about 80 students of Economic and Business schools, as well as by ones of technical Universities, studying mainly IT and Computer Science.

Among the participants there were five top students from the CIS. Russia was represented by Ivan Samyslovsky (MSU), Roman Sborovsky (HSE), Alexander Golovko (MSTU. Bauman), Kartbaev Timur (Kazakhstan) and by one GSOM student of MITIM program Dimitr Andreev. The main theme of the conference was the IBM's strategy «Smarter Planet». The company organized lectures and presentations, combined with this main idea. To each participant was given a certificate confirming participation in the IBM Best Student Recognition Event 2012.

Dimitr shared his impressions of the event with us in his report.




GSOM team — the regional round winner of KPMG Case Cometition 2012

GSOM team — the regional round winner of KPMG Case Cometition 2012


GSOM team &mdash Tatyana Alexandrova, Natalia Gook, Boris Kaptelov and Alexei Kotkov, students of 1st and 2nd years of the Corporate Finance master program &mdash won the title of champion in the regional round of the international case competition organized by KPMG which took place December, 6 in Saint-Petersburg.



GSOM students are in TOP-30 of the l'Oreal REVEAL national final


In mid-December of the outgoing 2011 L'Oréal announced the results of the L'Oreal REVEAL international game. Vera Yanulevich (4th year FM), Eva Koltunova (4th year MM-2), Erwin Mustafayev (3 course FM-2) and Juliana Guseva (2 year HRM) were in the top thirty in Russia.

Congratulations to GSOM-students!