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Consulting projects 2012-2013


In autumn 2013 such companies as  Henkel, JTI, EMC, Sumeko and "Sotsionics"   

Consulting project topics

  • Body Care Business Development: Turnaround Marketing Strategy (Henkel)
  • Optimization of logictic service Import/Export Department Business process (JTI)
  • Developing a motivational program for encouraging employeesof "Petro" factory to take part in company innovative activities (JTI)
  •  Analysis of existing IT companies proposals for start of students careers (EMC)
  • Analysis of the pet goods market in Russia and marketing strategy creation (Sumeko)
  • Market research of building system for teaching children programming and robotics (Business-incubator "Ingria")
  • Marketing analysis of the perspective markets for fishery and agricultural products of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District; the suggestions for marketing mix and promotion of the products ("Sotsionics")


In spring 2013 the companies  Valio, Henkel, Schlumberger, Slotex, Business Incubator Ingria, Bank BFA, Siemens co-operated with GSOM.

Consulting project topics

  • Oivariini butter blend launch into Russian market (Valio)
  • Decorative stickers Metylan Creativ'. Market analysis of decorative stickers in Russia: main trends, consumer preferencies, shopping habits (Henkel)
  • Efficiency improvement of the Shared Services Centers (based on effective site location choice and application of optimal technological solutions). Russian experience (Deloitte)
  • Optimization of supply chain and tool utilization in West Siberia Projects” (Schlumberger)
  • Supply Chain Management  (Slotex)
  • Development of unified recruiting process for Schumberger acquired companies based on single information solution (Schlumberger)
  • Internet marketing research (Business Incubator Ingria)
  • Market strategy of electret stimulator of osteoreparation (Business Incubator Ingria)
  • Company analysis and valuations (Bank BFA)
  • Portfolio construction (Bank BFA)
  • Financial and economic model of ecommerce deals aggregator in Russia (Business Incubator Ingria)
  •  Creation of an automated system of budgeting, forecasting and controlling on the basis of Access (Siemens)

In autumn 2012 the companies EMC, Dupont, L'Oreal, Slotex, Bank BFA, PwC, Business Incubator Ingria co-operated with GSOM.

Consulting project topics

  • Management strategies of multinational IT companies (EMC)
  • Access road in all conditions on technology DuPont (DuPont)
  • How to launch successfully brand Roget&Gallet in Russian market (L'Oreal)
  • Optimization of logistic networks and supply chain management in the manufacturing company (Slotex)
  • Description and establishing business processes and workflow (Bank BFA)
  • Preparation of forecasts and other financial information for newly public company (PwC)
  • Development of procedures and policies for fast closing of RUS GAAP & IFRS financial statements preparation (PwC)
  • Nanodimensional (nanosized) multifunctional fluorine based films containing surface active agents (epilam technology) (Business Incubator Ingria)


In spring 2012 the companies EMC, Dupont, Elisa, IKEA, Slotex, Sclumberger, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Business Incubator Ingria co-operated with GSOM.

Consulting project topics

  • Analysis of the visibility of EMC Russia CoE (Center of Excellence, Saint-Petersburg) as an employer at Saint-Petersburg IT labor market, evaluation of students/young specialists loyalty to the company (EMC)
  • The analysis of a consumer behavior and development of the optimum trading offer for table-tops from artificial stone DuPont ™ Corian® and Montlli® in St.- Petersburg salons of kitchen furniture (Dupont)
  • Video Conferencing Services for Business: Market analysis and business development recommendations (Elisa)
  • Strategy of IKEA promotion in Mega Trading Center (IKEA)
  • Digital printing in production of decorative surfaces: project evaluation and start up preparation (Slotex)
  • Designing the key performance objectives and indicators based system of SLB market share analysis (Schlumberger)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system implementation project: general issues and solutions (PricewaterhouseCoopers)