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Consulting projects


Consulting project is an essential part of the Master study program in the leading business schools of the world. Students on the Master program carry out, as part of the curriculum, a consulting assignment for one of the partner companies of the faculty. Each year about 100 students participate in approximately 20 business/consulting projects with different companies. This gives students not only an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills but also receive a prospect for further employment. Working language - English.
The duration of the project is not less than 10 weeks, during the period from 10 February till 30 May in the spring semester.  

In order to participate in the project and to verify the topics and research directions of the current interest, please contact the Career Center of GSOM SPBU team.

Tel.: +7 (812) 323-84-65

In spring 2018 such companies as DOC+, Mars, Squadra Group, OpenWay, CBonds, Ahlers RUS, Netwrix, YE-International Group co-operated with GSOM SPBU (in order to stick to the corporate policy, we are not able to provide the name of the project on a public web-site) .

In fall 2017 such companies as IBM , Schlumberger, DELL EMC, SPBEC co-operated w ith GSOM SPBU (in order to stick to the corporate policy, we are not able to provide the name of the project on a public web-site).

In spring 2017 such companies as  Ahlers RUS, Amrest, Citi, Vodokanal –Engineering , Hilti, Openway, Ilim co-operated with GSOM SPBU (in order to stick to the corporate policy, we are not able to provide the name of the project on a public web-site)  

In fall 2015 such companies asDeloitte, EMC, Henkel, Ahlers, L’Oreal and IBM co-operated with GSOM SPBU.

Consulting projects' topics

  • Research and discussion of a hypothesis on entering the gas motor fuel market in European Russia for a potential investor (Deloitte)
  • Anlysis of Business representattions in Universities: joint cooperative centers and base chairs
  • Business strategy VRM 2018 – 10 mio €  (Henkel Adhesive Technologies) (Henkel)
  • Ahlers RUS already implemented financial KPI system for all employees from Y2014 (Ahlers)
  • Kérastase client profile in the Russian market (L’Oreal)
  • Asses the possibility to use  “cloud consulting”  model in Russia (IBM)
  • IT education import / export market in Russia (EMC)
In spring 2015 such companies as L’Oreal, SPN Communications, SUN InBev, IKEA, Indesit, EMC, Ahlers RUS, «Nothern Capital Gateway», Schlumberger, Business-incubator “Ingria” co-operated with GSOM SPBU.

Consulting projects' topics

  • Development digital strategy for Biotherm brand (L’Oreal)
  • Devising the development strategy of the major commercial real estate operator in regions (SPN Communications)
  • IKEA Services: analysis of the current offer and service strategy development (IKEA)
  • Field marketing strategy elaboration on the example of federal retail Media Markt (Indesit)
  • Warehousing operation improvement (SUN InBev)
  • Comparison analysis of IT companies external events participation focused on young talents attraction (EMC)
  • Analysis of innovation maturity growth in IT companies on the local market (EMC)
  • Verification of existing product hypothesis and development proposal for enter foreign markets (Business-incubator «Ingria»)
  • Development of the concept of development for the project SkratchDuino - free educational robotics and modification of business plan according financial crisis: SkratchDuino (Business-incubator «Ingria»)
  • Evaluation of Ahlers RUS's market value (Ahlers RUS)
  • Hedging strategy of currency risk for EUR and USD nominated loans’ service («Nothern Capital Gateway»)
  • The determination of economic value of using of NCG vehicle fleet and development of stock-management system for vehicles' materials and spare parts («Nothern Capital Gateway»)
  • Fuel Control Project (Schlumberger)