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Andrei Panibratov, Professor, Strategic and International Management, Graduate School of Management, Saint-Petersburg State University


Professor Panibratov’ research and teaching area concentrate on internationalization of emerging economies’ firms, outward FDI from Russia, and Russian multinationals. Andrei is the author of a number of books and books’ chapters, several case studies, and many articles published in Russia and abroad. His recent book – Russian Multinationals: From Regional Supremacy to Global Lead, published with Routledge in 2012 – discusses the rise of Russian multinationals, examines Russian multinationals' activities in key sectors, analyses the relationship between Russian multinationals and the Russian government and concludes by assessing how Russian multinationals are likely to develop in future. Another book of prof. Panibratov – «International Strategy of Emerging Market Firms: Absorbing Global Knowledge and Building Competitive Advantages» - published with Routledge in 2017, is dedicated to the key emerging economies  – Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC), and also to other developing economies. This book presents theoretical foundations and detailed case studies of emerging multinationals’ activities and explains how emerging market firms accumulate and exploit market knowledge to develop competitive advantages while operating globally. Andrei serves as a board member of several leading international academic journals on international business and emerging markets.


Professor Panibratov holds his MBA degree from University of Wales (UK), PhD in Economics degree from the St. Petersburg State University, and Doctor in Economics degree from Moscow State University of Management. Andrei has visited professors’ training programs and development workshops at Haas School of Business UC Berkeley and Texas A&M University (USA), HEC-Paris (France), Aalto University School of Management (Finland), ECCH (France, Singapore) and WACRA (UK, Canada). Andrei was participating in consulting and research projects for World Bank (USA), UMIST (UK), City University of New York (USA), Aalto University School of Economics and Tampere University of Technology (Finland), European and Russian companies.


Professor Panibratov has sound teaching experience in Russian MNEs and emerging markets. He developed four new courses on emerging markets (including Russia) and their firms (including Russian MNEs) and has been teaching it in the GSOM programs and in a number of Russian and international universities and business schools since 2009. He is also a regular presenter or keynote speaker in research seminars and conferences around the world.


Professor Andrei Panibratov was nominated and elected as the National Representative of Russia and the Board Member of the European International Business Academy (EIBA) in the EIBA General Assembly in Vienna in December 2016. This is the first time when Russia’s representative appears at the EIBA Board. The appointment was made based on the EIBA Board recognition of the outstanding results of Professor Andrei Panibratov in the development and promotion of EIBA ideas and research directions among Russian scholar, and also with the respect to his important contribution in the IB studies in the context of Russia. Election of Professor Andrei Panibratov as of EIBA National Representative and Board Member is an outstanding opportunity for Saint Petersburg University to increase its international recognition and to bring Russian business and management scholars to the IB research agenda.


Publications in Refereed Journals

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Book Chapters

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  • Panibratov A. (2012) Russian Multinationals: From Regional Supremacy to Global Lead, London, New York: Routledge, 2012.


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