Center for the Study of Emerging Market and Russian Multinational Enterprises


Welcome to the Center for the Study of Emerging Market and Russian Multinational Enterprises!


The Center is established with the intention of deepening and extending knowledge on emerging market multinational enterprises (MNEs), with specific focus on Russian MNEs. It seeks to position itself as a global leader for the study of Russian MNEs, and to bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers to deepen the understanding of the activities of these firms and their broader implications.


The Center is one of the research centers of the Graduate School of Management (GSOM), ranked the number 1 business school in Eastern Europe in EdUniversal ranking, and is part of St. Petersburg State University, the second leading university in Russia. The Center is supported by a research grant from St. Petersburg University, awarded initially for a period of three years (2015 – 2017).


The Center’s Main Objectives

  • Establishing a knowledge center for the study of Russian MNEs, on their own and in comparison with MNEs of other emerging markets
  • Establishing a database of Russian MNEs that  documents their global activity on a regular basis
  • Contributing to international business theory by extending it to the context of emerging markets and Russia
  • Generating research-based insights regarding best practices for Russian and emerging market MNEs
  • Increasing the knowledge and understanding of Russian MNEs outside Russia
  • Providing an informed basis for policy responses to the international activities of Russian MNEs
  • Contributing to teaching of the international activities of emerging market and Russian MNEs


The Center Governance Structure


Director: Andrei Panibratov, Professor, Graduate School of Management SPbU.


Advisory board: Reputable academic scholars from around the world, representatives of leading Russian MNEs, and Russian policy makers. The Board provides professional advice to the leadership team regarding the Center’s long-term direction and its on-going activities. See more about members.


Partnerships: with associated scholars from around the world with expertise in the study of Russian MNEs.

Collaborations: with selected research institutes with common interests in the study of emerging market MNEs.