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Anand Kumar Jaiswal, Associate Professor of Marketing and Chairperson of Centre for Retailing at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad


Anand Kumar Jaiswal is Associate Professor of Marketing and Chairperson of Centre for Retailing at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)[1]. His research interests include bottom of the pyramid (BOP) markets, services management, customer satisfaction, business-to-consumer e-commerce, and brand extension management. He has published papers in the Long Range Planning, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Innovations, Managing Service Quality, Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, Asian Case Research Journal, Economic & Political Weekly and Decision.


His research work primarily deals with emerging markets in general and India in particular. His research on the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) has attracted attention of academicians and practitioners in India and abroad. In his paper published in the Innovation he provided a different perspective on the BoP. His other research on BoP deals with the areas such as competitive dynamics between domestic players and MNCs in the BoP markets, business model innovation for inclusive healthcare, consumption behavior of BoP consumers, frugal innovation and reverse innovation. He has written a large number of cases on domestic and MNCs operating in the emerging markets such as CavinKare, Barista Coffee, Radio Mirchi, Sanofi-Aventis and GE Healthcare.


He has also won several awards for his research work. He was given Distinguished Young Professor Award for excellence in research in 2011 at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He won the International Management Division’s Skolkovo Best Paper Finalist award in 2012 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston. He was also nominated for the Gustavson School of Business Award for the ‘Best Qualitative Paper in International Business’ of International Management Division in 2012 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston. He was awarded certificate of excellence in reviewing by Journal of Interactive Marketing in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the quality of the journal in 2014.


He won the best case award in 2011 international EFMD Case Competition in the Indian Management Issues and Opportunities category. In 2013 international EFMD Case Competition he was runner-up in the Indian Management Issues and Opportunities category and received a special Highly Commended mention.


His consulting experience includes working with several organizations in both private and public sectors. He has conducted programs on the BoP for several organizations such as Sanofi-Aventis, Novo Nordisk, Novo Nordisk Region International Operations and General Electric.


Selected Publications in Refereed Journals

  • Jaiswal, A. K. and Gupta, S. (2015) The influence of marketing on consumption behavior at the bottom of the pyramid, Journal of Consumer Marketing, 32 (2): 113-124.
  • Angeli, F. and Jaiswal, A. K.  (2013) Competitive dynamics between MNCs and domestic companies at the BoP: An institutional perspective, Long Range Planning, 48 (3): 182-199.
  • Jaiswal, A. K. and Niraj, R. (2011) Examining mediating role of attitudinal loyalty and nonlinear effects in satisfaction-behavioral intentions relationship, Journal of Services Marketing, 25 (3): 165-175.
  • Jaiswal, A. K., Niraj, R. and Venugopal, P. (2010) Context-general and context-specific determinants of online satisfaction and loyalty for commerce and content sites, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 24 (3): 222-238.
  • Jaiswal, A. K. (2008) The fortune at the bottom or the middle of the pyramid? Innovations, 3 (1): 85-100.
  • Jaiswal, A. K. (2008) Customer satisfaction and service quality measurement in Indian call centres, Managing Service Quality, 18 (4): 405-416.
  • Jaiswal, A. K. (2004) EXQUAL: A multiple item scale for measuring experiential quality, Drishtant, PRiSM Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow Journal of Marketing, 2: 50-58. 
  • Jaiswal, A. K. and Patro, S. K. (2003) Consumer evaluations of brand extensions: Evidence from India, Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, 1 (2): 170-178.
  • Jaiswal, A. K. (2003) WTO agreement on SPS: Strategic implications, Economic & Political Weekly, XXXVIII (45): 4737-4742.


Selected Cases Publications in Refereed Journals

  • Pandey, N. and Jaiswal, A. K.  (2014) Change management: A case of state power utility in India, Asian Case Research Journal, 18 (1): 61-80.
  • Jaiswal, A. K., Shrivastava, A. and Kothari, D. (2009) Dettol: Managing brand extensions, Asian Case Research Journal, 13 (1): 105-143.
  • Jaiswal, A. K. and Venugopal, P. (2008) CavinKare private limited: Serving low income consumers, Asian Case Research Journal, 12 (1): 1-28.
  • Jaiswal, A. K., Sarin S. and Patro, S. K. (2003) Barista: Brewing a coffee revolution in India, Decision, 30 (2): 177-198.


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[1] IIMA's PGP program was ranked 15th in the world by Financial Times Global Masters in Management Rankings in 2015. Its PGPX program was ranked 26th in the world by Financial Times Global MBA Rankings in 2015. Further, its PGP-ABM program was ranked 1st in the world by Eduniversal's Masters Ranking in 2014