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Activities of the Center


The Center’s activities concentrate in four main areas: Research, data collection and analyses, teaching and education, and dissemination.



The Center’s staff and affiliated scholars and institutions conduct research on Russian MNEs, on their own, and in comparison with other emerging market MNEs. The Center facilitates research on Russian MNEs by other interested bodies by providing access to these firms, data on their activities, support for conference participation, etc.


Specific areas of the Center’s research include:

  • Origins and sources of competitive advantages of Russian MNEs
  • The nature and sources of innovations by Russian MNEs
  • The role of local and foreign institutions in the internationalization of Russian firms
  • Internationalization of politically connected firms from Russia
  • Liability of foreignness of Russian firms
  • Global strategies of Russian MNEs
  • Impact of Russia diaspora on the foreign activities of Russian MNEs
  • The competitive position of Russian MNEs in world markets and their impact on global competition
  • Russian MNEs in competition with emerging and developed country MNEs in Russia and globally


Data Collection and Analyses

The Center will establish a comprehensive database on Russian MNEs, bringing together all available data from secondary sources, and supplementing it by primary data. Data will be collected at the aggregate level and at the level of individual firms, and will be updated regularly.


The data will be available to individuals and institutions interested in the study of Russian MNEs, and will be used to facilitate research on Russian MNEs in the broader academic community.


Teaching and Education

Activities in this area will leverage on the Center’s research and contacts and the expertise of its staff to develop teaching and training activities for practitionairs. Specific activities include:

  • Training for companies. The Center will develop and deliver company-tailored training programs in international strategy and global activity.
  • Generation of teaching material on Russian MNEs, in the form of case studies and teaching notes, building on the Center’s contacts with Russian MNEs as a source of proprietary information.  
  • Supervision and support of PhD students with interest in Russian MNEs.



The Center’s output will be disseminated to the academic community, to practitioners, policy maker, and the public in large, via different dissemination tools and venues:

The academic community – in Russia and overseas 

Practitioners and Policymakers 

In agreement with the Center’s goal of using its research as the basis for informed decision making by practitioners and policymakers, the Center will reach out to these audiences in several ways, including:

  • Seminars that outline the implications of the Center’s research for practice.
  • A quarterly newsletter that draws the implications of the Center’s output for practice, with focus on Russian MNEs and the policymakers supervising their activities as the major audiences.
  • Speaking events by representatives of Russian firms and policy makers, hosted by the Center.

The public in large – in Russia and overseas

  • The Center’s output will be disseminated broadly via various media venues, including social media, notably LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • The Center will create a mailing list of all related and associated parties that will be used for communication via an electronic Newsletter about the Center’s major activities and output.