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New Venture Teams Dynamics


Innovative start-ups are important for growth and renewal in the economy. About half of all innovative new ventures are started by two or more entrepreneurs - teams. However, little knowledge exists about how people work together in the entrepreneurship process. Most previous research on new ventures focuses on individual-level behaviors of entrepreneurs, or organization-level innovation strategies for larger corporations. This project is part of the large international project focused on social and psychological characteristics of interaction inside the entrepreneurial teams and their impact on innovation and performance.


Unique aspects of the project are:

1) Strong theory-driven focus on team processes and their relations to innovation and value creation;
2) Data collection from stakeholders associated with 120+ new ventures over two years, multiple data sources, careful longitudinal analysis;
3) Dual focus on qualitative and quantitative methodologies to ease theory building and testing in the same project.

The project aims to put knowledge about team behavior from behavioral sciences on a firmer scientific footing in the new venture team context. Project results will have direct practical implications for public policy, incubator strategy, and the organization of entrepreneurial teams.


Period of project implementation: 2016-2018


Project methodology was developed by the team of leading Swedish researchers:

  • Alan R. Johnson, Nord University & Lund University
  • Frédéric Delmar, Anna Brattström, Rebecka Persson, & Ziad El Awad, Lund University
  • Karl Wennberg & Olga Yttermyr, Linköping University
  • Rui Lu, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Pamela Nowell, Chalmers University of Technology


The Russian part of the project team is represented by the researchers of GSOM SPbU Center for Entrepreneurship: 


Galina Shirokova

Professor, Strategic and International Management Department, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, Graduate School of Management SPbU, research team supervisor

+7 (812) 323 84 53


Tatiana Beliaeva

junior research fellow, Graduate School of Management SPbU


Karina Bogatyreva

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Management SPbU



Anastasiia Laskovaia

junior research fellow, Graduate School of Management SPbU