Welcome from the Director


Dear colleagues,

I am glad to inform you that on September 9, 2014 a new research center was founded at GSOM SPbU: Laboratory "Center for Public Private Partnership Studies."


Center’s take off marks the end of the period when GSOM only accumulated research experience in the field of public-private partnership (hereinafter - PPP), PPP courses were introduced into the curriculum of major and additional educational programs; relations with those interested in studying the mechanisms of PPP, development and implementation of PPP projects were established: executive authorities, and representatives of the academic and business environment.


A number of events, organized in our School in the last two years, prove that the school is a unique platform for discussions of PPP issues between the representatives of authorities, business and academic communities.


The new research unit of GSOM SPbU is aimed to bring together the competencies of research and expert community to develop knowledge and skills necessary for people and organizations, managing and participating in PPP projects, as well as to build a platform for interaction between government, business and academic environment during the implementation of PPP projects.


The main activities of the Center for PPP Studies will focus on the development and dissemination of knowledge and educational activities in the field of PPP, legal and methodological provision and support of PPP projects. 


Proposals for cooperation in PPP studies the field of research, should be sent to the Head of the Center - Svetlana V. Maslova (e-mail: maslova@gsom.spbu.ru) or to the deputy head of the Center - Andrei E. Ivanov (e-mail: ivanov@gsom.spbu.ru).


Kind regards,

Director of the Center,

Svetlana V. Maslova