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The rules for the conduct of online-discussion on the relevant issues of PPP


Online-discussion on the relevant issues of PPP is an expert discussion organized by the Center for PPP studies on the website of GSOM SPbU in the section "Center for PPP Studies" (website)  as part of main events of the Center in implementing scientific, educational and expert activities.


The advantages of online-discussion

Online-discussion on the relevant issues of PPP: 

  • provides additional opportunity to receive and share knowledge, competences, research outcomes with colleagues online,
  • provides access to participation in the dialog with PPP experts from any part of Russia and the world,
  • broaden the target audience of persons interested in the researches and practical realization of PPP.


The objectives of online-discussion

  • Consideration of the relevant issues and problems in the field of PPP from different positions;
  • Multilateral communication between the participants having profound knowledge and practical experience in the field of PPP;
  • Searching for new procedures and decisions in order to overcome barriers in PPP development, etc.


Topics and questions of online-discussion

The subject of online-discussion on the most relevant legal, financial, institutional issues and problems of PPP development, the best Russian and foreign practices of PPP projects realization.

Topics and questions of online-discussion are determined by the Center staff members (moderators of online-discussion) on the basis of the results of research activities and on the proposals addressed to the Center from stakeholders.


The participants of online-discussion

Persons with knowledge, experience in the PPP sphere, as well as students of main and additional educational programs who study public-private partnership are invited to participate in online-discussion.


Organization of online-discussion and participation

Organization of online-discussion is carried out in several stages: preparatory, opening, holding and closing.

At the preparatory stage the Center staff members prepare the methodical, analytical and factual materials in order to determine the subject area of online discussion and relevant questions, they also define and invite the leading experts in this sphere to participate in online-discussion.

The opening of online-discussion is carried out by the posting of information message on the website, which includes information about the objectives, topics and questions of certain online-discussion, moderators, language, terms and the procedure of its organization.

Online-discussion is the dialog of its participants who send to moderators the expression of interest in participation in online-discussion and their comments on the questions stated for discussion, and who received an access to participation in online-discussion in accordance with the procedure specified in the information message.

The closing of online-discussion is carried out by the way of forming resume of online-discussion and posting it on the website. The closing of online-discussion may be accompanied by publication of the results of online-discussion in scientific journals and mass media (with the agreement of participants).


The term of online-discussion is determined in the information message, but it cannot exceed 2 months.


The information used in online-discussion

The information used should be accurate, clear, consistent, reliable and evidential. This involves the use of well-known terms in their conventional meaning. If the meaning of some term is controversial, the participants are encouraged to define it.

The information provided should be presented in a concise form, in an amount not exceeding 1500 characters per question.

It is not allowed to use deliberately false information, profanity, and information contrary to the objectives of scientific discussion.


The working language of online-discussion

Online-discussion is conducted in the Russian language. It is allowed to conduct online-discussion in Russian and English by decision of the moderators in the case of participation of foreign experts. The additional information about the working language of online-discussion is indicated in the information message about the opening of online-discussion.