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Round Table “PPP Development in the Field of Roads”


Organizers: Center for Public-Private Partnership Studies of Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University


Date of event: October 15, 2015, 15.00-16.30


Place: St. Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburgskoye shosse, 109 (Mikhailovskaya Dacha Campus)



  • Svetlana Maslova (Head of the Center for PPP Studies GSOM SPbU, Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, SPbU , Russia)
  • Tony Bonnici (Secretary of UNECE Team of Specialists on Public Private Partnerships, Switzerland)


Round table “PPP Development in the Field of Airports” was held on October, 15 at the International Research Conference “GSOM Emerging Markets Conference: Business and Government Perspectives”. Roads as well as airports and railways are the subject of research activity of the Center for PPP Studies GSOM SPbU as UNECE PPP Specialist Centre on development of International PPP standards. In order to facilitate the development of these standards in the field of transport and to exchange experience and knowledge, international PPP experts were invited to participate in the round table - Geoffrey Hamilton, Chief at UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence, and Tony Bonnici, Secretary of UNECE Team of Specialists on Public Private Partnerships. Moreover, among the speakers of the event were the members of UNECE Project Teams on development of International PPP standards in the field of transport - Researcher of University of Central Lancashire (UK) Felix Villalba-Romero and Professor of University of the Aegean (Greece) Athena Roumboutsos.

The round table was opened with a presentation of Russian experience of conclusion and implementation of concession agreements for roads. Konstantin Popov, one of the most experienced practitioners of PPP, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Legal Affairs of State Company "Russian Highways", told in his presentation about the experience of implementation of concession agreements for federal toll roads of two main models (concession with direct toll and with availability payment). There also were presented competition criteria and characteristics of the projects "M-11 "Moscow - St. Petersburg" 15 km - 58 km", "M-1 "Belarus" (bypass Odintsovo)" (projects are under operation), "M-11 "Moscow - St. Petersburg" 543 km - 684 km" (project is under implementation), as well as current fares on the bypass Odintsovo, the Western High-Speed Diameter and according to the draft of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. Konstantin also told about the PPP projects currently launched: Central Ring Road, Launch Complex №3 (from M11 "Moscow - St. Petersburg” to M-7 "Volga") and the Central Ring Road, Launch Complex №4 (from M-7 "Volga" to M-4 "Don").

Further presentations of participants of the round table were devoted to the best international experience of realization of PPP projects in the field of roads, and most importantly to conclusions arising from this experience.

Portugal researcher Felix Villalba-Romero told about the assessment of success and limitations of funding and financing in PPP projects in field of transport in Europe. The researcher in his speech, listing main methodologies of assessment, paid attention to Performance Measurement System (PMS). Felix demonstrated the use of the methodology on certain example of 13 PPP projects in the field of roads in 6 European countries, noting that it can be used in any other PPP road project.

Continuing the theme of roads, Athena Roumboutsos convinced all experts that roads and transport sphere should be developed only by PPP. Wherein, the professor of Aegan University, noting that PPP is not miracle, identified the risks, which can arise during the PPP project realization. Moreover, Athena told about main approaches of implementation of PPP project in the field of roads.

Head of the Investment Department of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Voitekhovsky shared with international and Russian experts the experience of public-private partnership development in Belarus. Sergey Voitekhovsky told about the process of creation and development of public-private partnership in the field of roads, implemented jointly with one of the largest international PPP institutions - European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

At the end of the round table, Guide on the best practices of PPP in the field of roads was presented by Andrey Yushkov, Research fellow at Leontief Centre, and Sofia Gromova, Master student of GSOM SPbU, under the guidance of Svetlana Maslova.  It should be noted, that the Guide is intermediate result of joint activity of Center for PPP Studies GSOM SPbU and UNECE on development of International PPP standards, which according to established practices are derived from the best PPP projects in certain spheres. The young researchers presented to participants of the conference the best PPP road projects in CIS: Western High Speed Diameter (St. Petersburg, Russia), Roads in the Residential Complex "Slavyanka" (St. Petersburg, Russia), highway M11 "Moscow-Saint-Petersburg" (Russia), highway "Dushanbe Chanak Highway" (Tajikistan). PPP model, project feasibility in accordance with socio-economic situation of the country, risks allocation and financial model of PPP project were presented for each example.

The round table “PPP Development in the Field of Roads” left no doubt, that public-private partnership for roads is the most developed and studied in the transport sector. The experts demonstrated that there are a lot of examples of best practices of realization of PPP road projects both in Russia and abroad. Above all, these practices contributed to the identification of trends – future PPP standards that can be applied worldwide in creation of other PPP projects for roads.