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The IV Annual Research Conference "Public-Private Partnership in Transport Sector: Models and Experience" was held at Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University


The fifth anniversary conference “Public-Private Partnership in the Sphere of Transport: Models and Experience” summed up the period of the event's formation, the formation of its structure, content and contingent of participants.


The geographical and industry representation at the conference has once again expanded: Novosibirsk and Tomsk were added to the representatives of the universities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, representatives of St. Petersburg Mining University and heads of medical organizations took part in the conference for the first time.

The finance sector and consulting have been traditionally represented among the conference participants: in the conference took part the executive vice-president of Gazprombank Alexei Chichkanov, Yulia Antipova (CLS), Natalia Dyatlova (Maxima Legal) and Vladimir Kilinkarov (Dentons).

The plenary session of the conference was focused on discussing a new trend in the development of PPP. Head of the Center for PPP Studies of the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg University Svetlana Maslova and students of Master program “Urban Management and Development” Artemiy Shibanov, Nikita Bortnikov and Ruslan Abdulzhamalov presented a joint report highlighting the formation of the PPP concept for the benefit of people in the context of the transition from “Value for Money” approach to “Value for People” one.

In the presentation, the PPP was reviewed from the standpoint of the Russia development goals and national projects. Having considered examples of foreign PPP projects, the speakers showed that PPP projects can be an effective tool for the development of national projects, and, in their updated format, they bring much more benefits, not only infrastructural and economic, but also social and environmental.
The presented concept of PPP for the benefit of people caused a lively response from the conference participants and a fruitful lengthy discussion. In the discussion took an active part invited experts (A. Chichkanov, Y. Antipova, N. Dyatlova and V. Kilinkarov), representatives of transport universities (Savchuk R., Guskova M., Rogov A., Smirnova E. and others) and executive authorities (O. Potiforova), participants of implementing PPP projects (I. Stepanov and N. Shustrova).

Discussion of the updated concept of PPP was consistently continued in the presentation of S. Maslova’s monograph: "Public-private partnership as a means to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: international standards and national legal regulation." In the monograph, the focus of the research is shifted towards the legal, international and national, regulation of PPP.


The conference continued with concurrent sessions.

There were 13 presentations were made within the section “Theoretical and practical problems of development and implementation of PPP projects in the field of transport” (chair – A. Ivanov). For the first time in the conference history, three reports have been made by representatives of an educational organization that is different from conference organizer, St. Petersburg State University. In their speeches, Professors of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT) R. Savchuk, M. Guskova and A. Rogov examined the relationship between the general theory of investment projects and the theory of PPP.

The tradition of the conference, connected with the presentation of results joint research by young scientists with their supervisors, was continued by A. Kolyshev (scientific advisor – S. Rachek, Ural State University of Railway Transport), A. Olefir (supervisor – I. Kurilchenko, State University of Maritime and River Fleet, named after admiral S.O. Makarov), and students of S. Maslova: V. Zatsepina, M. Lelchuk and I. Isaakyan.
In turn, the former student of S. Maslova, B. Tsanava, presented an independent study related to the determination of the optimal capital structure in PPP projects.

The actual topic of using the potential of PPP for the development of multimodal transportation, presented by A. Babaev (Siberian State University of Water Transport), did not go unnoticed.

Two reports presented within the section opened new directions for the development of the conference content.

A new methodology for macroeconomic assessment of countries' readiness for PPP projects’ implementation was presented by N. Volykhina (Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University), and Eco-Safety Group president R. Konstantinov reviewed the prospects for implementing PPP projects in the field of transport healthcare.

Section "Actual issues of legal regulation of PPP in the field of transport" (chairs – S. Maslova and V. Eremin (post-graduate student of the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University)), in terms of relevance, content of the reports and sharpness of the discussion, was not inferior to the plenary session, while most of its participants were novice lawyers in the field of PPP: Y. Svetova, A. Fedotov, D. Davydov (students and undergraduates of the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University).

But experienced mentors, academicians and practitioners in the field of PPP, N. Dyatlova (candidate of law, partner, head of PPP practice, law firm “Maxima Legal”), A. Ivanova (lawyer of the agency "PMA"), Yu. Antipova (head of the PPP and Project Financing group at the St. Petersburg office of Capital Legal Services), took part in the discussion and expressed their expert opinion and recommendations fruitful for the continuation of research in the field of PPP.

The topics of discussion such as problems of legal support for the implementation of PPP projects regarding public transport, the development of private initiative, and, finally, resolution of disputes in PPP projects really required this. The session participants expressed a general opinion about the productivity of such a tandem of young and experienced experts, which will give its tangible results in the future.


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