Other Projects

Other Projects
  The joint Russian-Germany's research project "R&D units of the companies in the field of information and communication technologies effectiveness assessment" (2010-2011).

Center for Strategic Marketing and Innovation of the Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg State University conducts a joint Russian - Germany's research project "R&D units of the companies in the field of information and communication technologies effectiveness assessment". The partners of the Center are: the Faculty of Economics from the University of Darmstadt (Germany) and University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen (Germany).The study is trying to identify organizational goals and key performance indicators (KPI) of the research departments in companies working in the field of information and communication technologies. The respondents involved in the research are R&D department’s leaders in the most successful Russian and foreign companies of the specified profile. Project coordinator: PhD, Professor, A. V. Krasnikov.


Internationalization of Russian companies (2009-2010).

  The project studies the existing practices of the companies’ internationalization (on example of Russian companies). To achieve the goals of the project a comprehensive assessment of the Russian companies success on foreign markets, selection of the most successful trends, and analysis of the competitiveness achievement factors are required. Consideration of the company internal resources and the usage of the potential of interactions with partners and stakeholders in the target markets will be considered through the prism of innovative collaboration, because the product and technological innovations are able to be the basis for long-term competitiveness in the global competition circumstances. One of the outcomes of the project will be a set of recommendations for the Russian companies’ internationalization preparation and for the internationalization strategy development. The project is a part of the thematic scientific research plan of SPSU. Project leader: PhD, Professor S. P. Kouchtch, GSOM SPbU.

Marketing aspects of innovation management in Russia’s high-tech sector (2007-2009).


The project is aimed at getting in-depth insights into the areas of innovation commercialization and innovation management in Russia. To reach the above-mentioned goal our center is going to explore the specificities of Russian innovation environment as well as the opportunities for innovation implementation in national companies. The center is also going to investigate the issue of efficiency of innovation management and assess the potential for implementation of the “open innovations approach” in Russian companies. Matters of innovative activity of Russian firms will be analyzed within the frame of value creation chains. In particular, we are going to focus our attention on companies’ interactions with their key partners – clients and suppliers. Our central goal is identification and analysis of key factors determining firm’s innovative capabilities, i.e. potential for innovation creation and implementation. Most attention would be paid to Russian companies operating in high-technology industries (information technologies, communications, industrial technologies, instrumentation, etc.)Problem posing is based on the assumption that success of innovation creation, innovation management and commercialization has a significant impact on company’s overall competitiveness as well its’ potential for international expansion. The latter, in turn is especially important for Russian firms. The project is realized in collaboration with Lappeenranta University of technology (Finland) and is supported by RGNF and the Academy of Finland. Project supervisors: PhD, Professor S. P. Kouchtch, GSOM SPSU, Professor Tuominen, Lappeenranta University of technology.


Research on value creation and value management processes in Russian industrial markets (2006-2007) (joint project with with Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland). 


The project is aimed at analysis of marketing models in Russian companies. The modern understanding of marketing concept is grounded in strategic focus of marketing as well as in the role of marketing in increasing the competitiveness of the company. With regard to the factor of competitiveness, the project proposes to analyze the chain of value creation within the company and to analyze the systems of interactions with partners (customers, suppliers, agents, etc.). The research is based on the key modern marketing concepts (research on market orientation, research on creation of value in cooperation, IMP group approach, analysis of marketing activity effectiveness, Balanced Scorecard, etc.).

  Factors of relationship quality in industrial markets: comparative research (United Kingdom, Russia, China, Iran) (2006) (joint project with Manchester Business School, Manchester, United Kingdom).



Characteristics of ecological orientation and perception of ecological food by Russian consumers (2006-2008) (joint project with Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany).



  Methodology of interfim cooperation on creation and commercialization of innovations

Current research is aimed at investigation of the role, opportunities and success factors of involving external partners at different innovation process stage.

Within this project we are going to focus at two overarching stages within innovation process, each of which unites several substages:

  • Level of innovation creation: with the focus at proactive customer orientation, systematic market analysis, target audiences identification, cooperation with customers and partners for development of the idea;
  • Commercialization level: contribution to the whole product development for late majority, creation of innovation ecosystem, aftersales support and attention to service component, collaboration with customers and partners at the stage of commercialization, aimed at development of an integrated ecosystem.
  Managing brands on emerging markets: forming competitive advantages, protection of trademarks, branding strategies

The research is focused on the issue of local brands management in emerging markets with the special emphasis on intellectual property protection. Russian brands, both created anew and adopted as a “Soviet heritage”, face with toughening competition, in particular, in the context of the Russian Federation entering into World Trade Organization. In such conditions, creation and development of a strong brand can provide companies with competitive advantage allowing strengthening their positions on local markets and creating opportunities for entering external markets. Brands of emerging countries also encounter with the problem of intellectual property protection. The impact of the opportunities for brand protection on strategy formulation and brand management is one of the main objectives of the research project. The cornerstones of the project are elaboration of the model of brand management on emerging markets on the basis of intellectual property theory; explore the factors of competitive advantage of local brands in terms of competition with global brands; develop practical recommendations for companies.

  Innovation Radar — developing method of multifactor measurement of the innovation activities of Russian companies

Following the evaluation and comparison of the submitted proposals for the right to negotiate a government contract for research work let by competitive bidding “Conducting research by the teams lead by invited researchers in the field of social science and humanities” as a part of Federal Target Program “Academic and teaching stuff of Innovative Russia” for 2009-2013, the contract was awarded to the Center for Strategic Marketing and Innovation of GSOM SPbU.The goals of the project are the following:

  • Identify and describe the main components of the innovation activities of companies on the basis of theoretical foundations and state of the art practices in innovation;
  • Develop method of measuring innovation activities of Russian companies using the survey of managers;
  • Define the profile of successful companies;
  • Create the database to monitor changes in the innovation activities of companies.

Project leader: PhD, A. V. Krasnikov