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Category B / 3 star (ABS List)
1 Jaakkola, M.; Frösén, J., Tikkanen, H.  Various Forms of Value-Based Selling Capability - Commentary on “Value-Based Selling: An Organizational Capability Perspective” Industrial Marketing Management Issue 45 (Special Issue) 113-114 2015
2 Frösén J., Jaakkola M., Churakova I. and Tikkanen H. Effective Forms of Market Orientation across the Business Cycle: A Longitudinal Analysis of Business-to-Business Firms Industrial Marketing Management 2015 (online from May, 27)    
3 Frösén J.,Tikkanen H., Jaakkola M., Vassinen, A.  Marketing Performance Assessment Systems and the Business Context  European Journal of Marketing  Vol. 47  Issue 5/6  715-737  2013 

Smirnova M., Henneberg S., Ashnai B., Naudé P., Mouzas S.

Understanding the Role of Marketing–Purchasing Collaboration in Industrial Markets: The case of Russia

Industrial Marketing Management  Vol. 40, Issue 1  54-64  2011 
5 Smirnova M., Naudé P., Henneberg S., Mouzas S., Kushch S.  The Impact of Market Orientation on the Development of Relational Capabilities and Performance Outcomes: The case of Russian industrial firms  Industrial Marketing Management  Vol. 40, Issue 1  44-53  2011 
Category D / 1 star (ABS List)
Smirnova M., Podmetina D., Vaatanen J., Torkkeli M.   Collaborative Approaches to New Product Development: Case of Russia   International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management  Vol. 15, Issue 1/2  91-107  2012 
Other International Refereed Journals

Smirnova, M., Rebiazina V., Moreva, I.

Transforming industry landscape in response to the transition of the economy – The case of the Russian bakery industry


Vol.26, Issue 1


Huhtala J.-P., Sihvonen A., Frösén J., Jaakkola M., Tikkanen H.  Market orientation, innovation capability and business performance. Insights from the global financial crisis  Baltic Journal of Management  Vol. 26, Isuue 1  134-152 2014 
Rozhkov A.G.  Personal Level Customer Orientation in Russian Direct Selling Market  TRŽIŠTE / MARKET  Vol. 1 Issue 2  7-22  2014 
10  Podmetina, D., Smirnova M.   R&D Cooperation with External Partners and Implementing Open Innovation  Journal of Innovation Management  Vol. XXIV, Issue 1  103-124 2013 
11  Hoffman S., Mai R., Smirnova M.  Development and Validation of a Cross-nationally Stable Scale of Consumer Animosity  Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice  Vol. 5, Issue 3  235–251 2011 
12  Podmetina D., Väätänen J., Torkkeli M.T., Smirnova M.  Open innovation in Russian firms: An empirical investigation of technology commercialisation and acquisition  International Journal of Business Innovation and Research  Published online 4 Dec   298-317  2011 
13  Soyez K., Francis J.N.P., Smirnova M.M.  How Individual, Product and Situational Determinants Affect the Intention to Buy and Organic Food Buying Behavior: A Cross-National Comparison in Five Nations  der markt - International Journal of Marketing  Vol. 51, Issue 1  27-35  2012 
14  Smirnova M., Podmetina D., Vaatanen J.  Alueellinen innovaatiokyky ja innovaatiotuotantoVenäjällä  Idäntutkimus (The Finnish Review of East European Studies)   No. 1  42-54  2010 
15  Smirnova M., Lintukangas K., Virolainen V.-M., Jumpponen J. Kouchtch S, Panfilii V.  The Status of Purchasing and Supply Management in Finland and Russia  Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management  Vol. 16, No 3  185-194  2010 
16  Smirnova M., together with D. Podmetina, J. Vaatanen, S. Kouchtch.  Key Stakeholders Interaction as a Factor of Product Innovation: the case of Russia  International Journal of Technology Marketing  Vol. 2/3  230-247 2009 
17  Smirnova M. (together with B. Ashnai, S. Kouchtch, Y. Qionglei, B. Barnes, P. Naude)  Assessing relationship quality in four business-to-business markets  Marketing Intelligence and Planning  27 (1)  pp. 86-102 2009 
Publications in Russian Academic and Professional Journals
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Vol., issue Pages Year

Загорский А.Л., Старов С.А., Кирюков С.И.

Imitation as a branding strategy



2 Загорский А.Л., Старов С.А. Stages of development of its own brands of retail chains (Part 1 )  Brand-management  2-8 2015 
3 Загорский А.Л., Старов С.А. Stages of development of its own brands of retail chains (Part 2 )  Brand-management  84-93 2015 

Яблонский С.А., Муравский Д. В.

The principles of the multilateral platforms  Innovations  45-49  2015 
5 Хомич С. Г. Intercompany Cooperation in Innovation: The Theoretical Foundations  Vestnik (Herald) of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series 135-176  2014
Alkanova O., Smirnova M. Marketing in Emerging Markets: Definitions and Research Agenda  Russian Management Journal 95–108  2014  
7 Gladkikh I., Alkanova O.  Case Writing and Case-based Teaching In the Russian Business Education  Russian Management Journal 99-116  2014  
8 Rozhkov A., Rebiazina V., Smirnova, M.  Customer Orientation: Results of the Empirical Test In the Russian Market Russian Management Journal 33-58  2014 
9 Zagorskiy A., Starov S., Gladkikh I.  Genesis of Private Label Branding Costs  Vestnik (Herald) of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series 3-34  2014 
10 Kiryukov S., Landgraf P.  Corporate rebranding for market-oriented companies: theoretical foundations and avenues for future research  Vestnik (Herald) of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series 35-59  2014 
11 Rebyazina V. A., Smirnova M. M., Kushch  S. P.  Portfolio and Evolutionary Approaches to Building Relationships with Partners: The Case of Russian Companies  Russian Management Journal 31-52  2013 
12 Muravskii D.V., Smirnova M.M., Alkanova O.N. Towards an improved understanding of brand equity: estimating the perception of brands by consumers, producers and investors Vestnik (Herald) of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series 23-49  2013 
13 Yablonsky S.A., Muravskii D.V., Smirnova M.M. Brand management in multi-sided platforms: the role of co-branding  Marketing and Marketing Research 356-363  2013 
14 Starov S.A., Alkanova O.N., Molchanov N.N.  Brands, Trademarks and Commercial Symbols as Objects of Company Management Vestnik (Herald) of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series 33-54  2012 
15 Rebyazina V.A., Kushch S.P., Krasnikov A.V., Smirnova M.M.  Innovation Activities of the Russian Companies: The Results of Empirical Study  Russian Management Journal 29-54  2011 
16 Rebyazina V.A., Smirnova M.M. Interaction with Partners as a Factor of Innovation Development on the Example of Russian Industrial Companies  Innovations  7 (153)  48-59  2011 
17 Starov S.A., Moreva I.A., Alkanova O.N.  Services Branding Effectiveness Assessment: The Usage of Brand Touch-Points Model (on the Example of Siberia Air Company)  Vestnik (Herald) of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series 105-136  2011
Published Working Papers
Khomich S.G., Smirnova M.M.,. Rebiazina V.A. The effect of cooperation at different stages of innovation process on company’s performance # 4 (E)-2015
Golovacheva K. Consumer Response to Unit Price Increase: the Role of Pricing Tactics and Consumer Knowledge # 14 (E)-2015
Muravskii D., Smirnova M. Exploring Borrowed Brand Equity # 24 (E)-2015
Smirnova M.M., Rebiazina V.A. Strategic Orientations as a Driver of Innovations in Russian Firms # 7 (E)–2014
Муравский Д.В., Смирнова М.М,, Алканова О.Н. Капитал бренда в современной теории маркетинга № 7 (R)–2012. СПб.: ВШМ СПбГУ, 2012
Muravskii D.M., Yablonsky S.A. Determining Disruptive Innovation Potential of Multi-Sided Platforms: Case of Digital Books # 12 (E)–2012
Samuylova E., Muravskii D., Smirnova M., Alkanova O. The Role of Brand Characteristics in Brand Alliance Engagement with Different Types of Partners: An Exploratory Study # 12 (E)–2012. Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University: SPb, 2012.
Кирюков С.И. Становление и развитие теории управления маркетинговыми каналами. № 2 (R)-2011. СПб.: ВШМ СПбГУ, 2011.
Ребязина В.А. Формирование портфеля взаимоотношений компании с партнерами на промышленных рынках № 6 (R)–2011. СПб.: ВШМ СПбГУ, 2011
Кущ С.П., Смирнова М.М.  Механизм координации процессов управления взаимоотношениями компании с партнерами. № 6(R)–2007. СПб.: НИИ менеджмента СПбГУ, 2007
Кущ С.П., Смирнова М.М.  Управление поставками в российских компаниях: стратегия или тактика № 2(R)–2007. СПб.: НИИ менеджмента СПбГУ, 2007.
Кущ С.П., Смирнова М.М.  Управление взаимоотношениями в российских компаниях: разработка концептуальной модели исследования №  31(R)–2006. СПб.: НИИ менеджмента СПбГУ, 2006
Smirnova M. Managing Buyer-Seller Relationships in Industrial Markets:  A Value Creation Perspective. #30(E)–2006. Saint Petersburg State University: St. Petersburg, 2006.
Kouchtch S., Smirnova M., Krotov K., Starkov A. Managing Relationships in Russian Companies: Results of an Empirical Study #26(E)–2006. Saint Petersburg State University: St. Petersburg, 2006.


Cases Registered in The Case Centre
1 Freixanet Juan Solervicens PortBooker. The International Expansion of an Internet Start-Up  Case 21 315-337-1
Freixanet Juan Solervicens

PortBooker. The International Expansion of an Internet Start-Up 

Teaching Notes  15  315-337-8 
Freixanet Juan Solervicens RELATS: A Family SME Goes Global  Case  14  315-358-1 
Freixanet Juan Solervicens RELATS: A Family SME Goes Global  Teaching Notes  11  315-358-8 
Gladkikh I. V.,Starov S. A.  “Squirrel: Here I Come!”: Paradoxes of the Brand  Teaching Notes  41  512-122-8 
1 Alkanova O.N. Komarovo Equestrian Club: Give Way to New Favourite? Case 21 512-125-1
2 Alkanova O.N Komarovo Equestrian Club: Give Way to New Favourite? Teaching Notes 7 512-125-8
1 Kiryukov S.I. Concept of an Ideal Consumer-City Case 3 511-089-1
2 Kiryukov S.I. Dyatkovo Furniture Integrated Plan: How to Survive in the Furniture Market Case 5 511-091-1
3 Kiryukov S.I. Grand Canyon Shopping and Entertainment Center Concept  Case  511-092-1 
4 Kiryukov S.I. Rosenlew Fridge – A Finnish One, A Good One...  Case  511-094-1 
5 Kiryukov S.I. Sibirskaya Korona Beer: Regional Sales Strategy Development  Case  511-095-1 
6 Kiryukov S.I. Zolotaya Semechka Vegetable Oil: Integrated Logistics Development  Case  511-099-1