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Department of Finance and Accounting


Alexander V. Bukhvalov

Head of Department

Professor, Doctor of Science


Irina V. Berezinets

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Yulia B. Ilina

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Egor D. Nikulin

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Vitaly L. Okulov

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Tatiana A. Pustovalova

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Marat V. Smirnov

Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Science


Alexander Yu. Andrianov

Assistant Professor



Courses taught

  • Bank Management (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Qualitative Decision Making (in Russian, ЕМВА, pre-module)
  • Introduction in Statistics and Probability Theory (in Russian, Doctoral Program)
  • Corporate Governance and Value Based Management (in Russian, ЕМВА)
  • Corporate Finance I  (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Corporate Finance II (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Valuation (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Basics of Econometrics (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Statistics I (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Risk Management (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Risk Management in Banking (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Management Accounting (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Financial Markets and Institutions (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Financial Modeling (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Finance for Managers (in Russian, Presidents’ Program)
  • Financial Accounting and Analysis (in Russian, ЕМВА)
  • Financial Analysis (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Financial Management (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Financial Accounting (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Financial Accounting and Analysis (in Russian, DDEMBA)
  • Business Simulation on Decision Making (in English, DDEMBA)
  • Cases in Corporate Finance (in English, MCF)
  • Corporate Finance I (in English, MCF)
  • Corporate Finance II (in English, MCF)
  • Corporate Finance (in English, MIB)
  • Corporate Finance (in English, MITIM, MIB)
  • Contemporary Financial  Intermediation(in English, MCF)
  • Investment Valuation (in English, MCF)
  • International Accounting (in English, MIB)
  • International Accounting and Analysis (in English, MIB, MITIM)
  • International Financial Management (in English, Bachelor Program)
  • International Financial Management (in English, MCF)
  • International Finance (in English, MCF, MIB, CEMS MIM)
  • International Financе (in English, Bachelor Program)
  • Introduction to Business Management Finance (in English, MIB, MITIM)
  • Financial Accounting & Valuation (in English, MIB, MITIM)
  • Financial Analysis and Valuation (in English, MCF, MIB)
  • Financial &  Managerial Accounting (in English, DDEMBA)
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting (in English, МСF)
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting (in English, Bachelor Program)
  • Management Accounting (in English, MCF)
  • Research Seminar I (in English, MCF)
  • Research Seminar II (in English, MCF)
  • Research Seminar III (in English, MCF)
  • Research Seminar IV (in English, MCF)
  • Risk Management (in English, MCF)
  • Performance Management (in English, DDEMBA)
  • Real Options and Strategy (in English, Bachelor Program)



Books and Textbooks

  • Bandalyuk O.V., Berezints I.V., Bukhvalov A.V., Volkov D.L., Garanina T.A., Ilina Yu.B. Corporate Governance: Topics in Practice and Valuation of Russian Companies. Editor: A.V. Bukhvalov, SPb, 2012.
  • Berezints I.V. Basic Econometrics. SPb, 2007.
  • Berezints I.V. Tutorial on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics. SPb, 2006.
  • Bukhvalov A.V., Smirnov M.V. Corporate Governance: An Introduction. SPb, 2012.
  • Bukhvalov A.V., Dorofeev E.A., Okoulov V.L. Lectures on Selected Topics in Classical Financial Models. SPb, 2010.
  • Leonov G.A., Katkalo V.S., Bukhvalov A.V. (editors). Leonid Vitalievich Kantorovich: Mathematics, Management, and Informatics. SPb, 2010.
  • Bukhvalov A.V., Bukhvalova V.V. Financial Calculations for Managers. SPb, 2006; 2nd ed., 2009; 3rd ed., 2010.
  • Bukhvalov A.V., Bukhvalov V.V., Idelson A.V.. Financial Calculations for Professionals. Editor: Bukhvalov A.V. SPb, 2001.
  • Bukhvalov A.V., Kotelkin S.V. (editors). Finance and Corporate Policy. SPb, 2000.
  • Bukhvalov A.V., Idelson A.V. Financial Calculations Manual. Moscow, 1997.
  • Volkov D.L. Value-Based Management: Financial and Accounting Context. SPb, 2006.
  • Volkov D.L. Basics of Finacial Accounting. 2nd ed. SPb, 2004.
  • Volkov D.L. Financial Accounting: Theory, Practice, and Reporting. SPb, 2006.
  • Leevik Yu.S. Financial Accounting. SPb, 2010.
  • Leevik Yu.S. International Financial Accounting. SPb, 2009.
  • Leevik Yu.S. Implementing IFRS. SPb, 2000.
  • Okulov V.L., Pustovalova T.A. Financial Markets and Institutions: An Introduction. SPb, 2011.
  • Udovichenko O.M., Nikulin E.D. Management Accounting. SPb, 2011.
  • Financial Management: New English-Russian Comprehensive Dictionary. Editor: D.L. Volkov. SPb, 2004.




The articles of faculty of the Department were published in leading Russian journals in the field of management and economics

  • “Russian Management Journal”
  • “Vestnik of SPBU (Management Series)”
  • ”Theoretical and Practical Issues of Management”
  • “Economic Science in Contemporary Russia”
  • “Management in Russia and Abroad”
  • ”Business education”
  • ”Securities Market”
  • “Expert. Northwest Region”
  • “Our Money”
  • “Corporate Finance” (electronic journal)


and in international journals:

  • The International Journal of Accounting
  • Corporate Governance: The international journal of business in society
  • Journal of Finance Case Research
  • International Cross Industry Journal: Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business
  • Open Journal of Economic Research (electronic journal)
  • Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management