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Information Technologies in Management Department


Tatiana A. Gavrilova

Head of Department

Professor, Doctor of Science


Dmitry V. Kudryavtsev

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Elvira V. Strakhovich

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Sergey A. Yablonsky

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Maxim Y. Arzumanyan

Senior Lecturer


Vladimir A. Gorovoy

Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Science


Irina A. Leshcheva 

Senior Lecturer


Evgeny Yu. Blagov

Assistant Professor, Candidate of Science



Courses taught

  • Information Technology in Management (ЕМВА)
  • Knowledge Engineering ( MIB, MITIM)
  • Business Process Modeling (MIB)
  • E-Business (MIB, MITIM, MCF)
  • Enterprise Information Systems (MIB, MITIM, MCF)
  • Multi-Sided Platforms and Innovation in a Global Era (CEMS Blocked Seminar)
  • Project Management (MITIM)
  • Information Technology in Management -1, 2 (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Data Governance (Bachelor Program)
  • Digital marketing (Bachelor Program)
  • IT in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Bachelor Program)
  • Web-technologies (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • IT project management (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Enterprise Information Systems (Bachelor Program)
  • Knowledge Structuring (Bachelor Program)
  • E-Commerce (Bachelor Program)
  • Business Intelligence (Bachelor Program)
  • Business Process Modeling (Bachelor Program)
  • Technology Innovation Management (Bachelor Program)



Books and Textbooks 

  • Gavrilova T.A. Intelligent Technologies in Management. SPb, 2007 (with D.I.Muromtscev).
  • Gavrilova T.A. Базы знаний интеллектуальных систем. SPb, 2001 (with V.F.Khoroshevsky).
  • Gavrilova T.A. Informatics. М.: Finance and Statistics, 2006 (with N.V.Makarova (ed.), V.L.Broydo etc.).
  • Yablonckiy S.A. Information Technologies in Railroad Transport. M., 2000  (with V. Yakovlev, E. Lecky and  V. Pankratov)




The articles of faculty of the Department were published in leading Russian journals in the field of management and economics and international journals:

  • Russian Management Journal
  • Bulletin of St. Petersburg. University. Ser. Management (in Russian)
  • Artificial Intelligence (in Russian)
  • Higher Education in Russia (in Russian)
  • Information Technologies and Knowledge
  • Artificial Intelligence Studies
  • International Journal of Information Technologies and Knowledge
  • International Journal of Technology Marketing
  • International Journal of Business Excellence
  • International Journal of Innovation Management
  • International Journal Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Pattern Recognition and Analysis
  • International Journal of Multilingual Computing and Technology