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Marketing Department


Maria M. Smirnova

Head of Department

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


David I. Barcan

Professor, Doctor of Science


Vitally I. Cherenkov

Professor, Doctor of Science


Sergey A. Starov

Professor, Doctor of Science


Igor V. Gladkikh

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Mustafa Deniz Dalman

Associate Professor, PhD


Joan Freixanet Solervicens

Associate Professor, PhD


Olga N. Alkanova

Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Science


Sergey I. Kiryukov

Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Science


Johanna Pia Maria Frösén

Senior Lecturer, PhD


Kseniya S. Golovacheva

Assistant Professor



Courses taught


  • Bachelor Research Paper Seminar (Bachelor Program)
  • Brand Management (Bachelor Program)
  • Brand Management. Pricing Strategies. (ЕМВA)
  • Business Game on Marketing and Strategy (ЕМВA)
  • Business-to-Business Marketing (Bachelor Program)
  • CEMS Block Seminar: Challenges to Brand Management in the Contemporary Markets (CEMS)
  • CEMS Business Project (CEMS)
  • Consulting Project (MiM)
  • Consumer Behavior and Advanced Research Methods (MiM)
  • Customer Behaviour (Bachelor Program)
  • Customer-oriented Marketing (ЕМВA)
  • Doing Business in Russia (MiM, MCF, MUMD)
  • Doing Business in Russia and Emerging Markets (MiM, MCF)
  • International Business Strategy (MiM)
  • International Marketing (MiM)
  • International Marketing (Bachelor Program)
  • International Operations (Bachelor Program)
  • Introduction to Business Management: Marketing (MiM, MCF)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ЕМВA)
  • Logistics Functional Areas (Bachelor Program)
  • Management of Export Operations (Bachelor Program)
  • Managin on Emerging Markets (MiM)
  • Marketing (Doctoral Program)
  • Marketing (Bachelor Program)
  • Marketing Communications (Bachelor Program)
  • Marketing Management (Bachelor Program)
  • Marketing of Innovative Products (MiM)
  • Marketing Research (Bachelor Program)
  • Methods of Research in Economics and Management. Introductory course (Doctoral Program)
  • New Product Management (MiM)
  • Pricing Strategies (Bachelor Program)
  • Quantitative Methods of Business Research (MiM)
  • Quantitative Methods of Research in Marketing (Bachelor Program)
  • Research Seminar I (MiM)
  • Sales Management (Bachelor Program)
  • Service Marketing (Bachelor Program)
  • Strategic Marketing (MiM)
  • Strategic Marketing (ЕМВA)


Books and Textbooks

  • Barcan D.I. Sales Management. – SPb., 2006, 2007, 2008 (Diploma of the All-Russian contest "University Book-2008" in the nomination "The best textbook on management and marketing").
  • Gladkikh I.V. Development of Teaching Cases: Guidelines for Teachers of Business Disciplines. – SPb, 2010.
  • Gladkikh I.V. Customer-centered Pricing Strategy. – SPb., 2013.
  • Gladkikh I.V. (ed.) Marketing: A Collection of Cases by GSOM authors. – SPb., 2008, 2010.
  • Gladkikh I.V. (ed.) Organizational Development: A Collection of Cases by GSOM authors. – SPb., 2010.
  • Gladkikh I.V., Fedotov Yu.V. (eds.) Collected Cases: Changing Environment and Companies’ Development. – SPb., 2004.
  • Gladkikh I.V., Katkalo V.S., Kushch S.P. (eds.) Strategic Management of Russian Companies: Collected Cases. – SPb., 2004, 2005.
  • Gladkikh I.V., Minina V.N. (eds.) Organizational Behavior and HR Management: GSOM SPbSU Case Collection. – SPb., 2010.
  • Kiryukov S.I. Managing Marketing Channels. – SPb., 2010.
  • Kushch S.P. (ed.) Collected Cases: Experience of Russian Companies (the North-West region). – SPb., 2003.
  • Kushch S.P. Relationship Marketing in Industrial Markets. – SPb., 2006, 2008.
  • Kushch S.P. Смирнова М.М. Marketing in B2B Markets: Relationship Approach. –SPb., 2010.
  • Starov S.A. Brand Management. – SPb., 2009, 2010 (The nominee diploma of the Xth National All-Russian contest "The Book of the Year 2009" in the "Book of the XXI century" nomination).
  • Starov S.A. Management of Retail Chains Own Brands. – SPb., 2013.
  • Cherenkov V.I. Foreign Economic Activities of the Company: Basic Operations. Rostov-na-Donu, 2007.
  • Cherenkov V.I. Global Marketing Environment: Conceptual Integration Experience. – SPb., 2003.
  • Cherenkov V.I. (in a group of authors; Ed. by A.I. Evdokimov) International Economic Relations: Textbook. 2nd ed., revised. – Moscow, 2011. 




The articles of faculty of the Department were published in leading Russian journals in the field of management and economics and international journals:

  • “Russian Management Journal”
  • “Economics of Modern Russia”
  • “Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series”
  • “Marketing”
  • “Marketing and Marketing Research”
  • “Marketing  in Russia and Abroad”
  • “Business Education”
  • “Brand Management”
  • “Advertising Ideas”
  • “Logistics Today”
  • “Market Research Practice”
  • “Industrial Marketing Management”
  • “Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management”
  • “International Journal of Innovation Management”
  • “International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management”
  • “Marketing Intelligence and Planning”
  • “International Journal of Case Method Research & Application”
  • “The CASE Journal”
  • “Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice”
  • “International Journal of Business Innovation and Research”
  • “der markt - International Journal of Marketing”
  • “International Journal of Technology Marketing”
  • “Journal of Business Case Studies”
  • “Idäntutkimus (The Finnish Review of East European Studies) ”


 Doctoral Students 

Doctoral Student

Research Topic


3rd year:

Ksenia S. Golovachyova

The Impact of Marketing Packaging Solutions on Consumer Behavior: the case of the Russian FMCG market

Asc. Prof. Maria M. Smirnova

Alina S. Ruchiyova

Category Management: a model of effective chains and suppliers relationship management

Prof. Barkan D.I

Svetlana G. Khomich

Marketing Strategy of Industrial Company Relationships Management

Asc. Prof. Maria M. Smirnova