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Department of Operations Management


Anatoly K. Kazantsev

Acting Head of Department

Professor, Doctor of Science


Iya Yu. Churakova

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Yury V. Fedotov

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Ludmila S. Serova

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Nikolay A. Zenkevich

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Andrey V. Zyatchin

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Margarita A. Gladkova

Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Science


Anna S. Veselova

Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Science


Tatjana Samsonowa-Denef

Senior Lecturer, PhD


Axel Theo Schulte

Senior Lecturer, PhD


Anna V. Levchenko (Logacheva)

Assistant Professor, Candidate of Science



Courses taught

  • Basics of supply chain management and logistics (in English, EMBA)
  • Business Statistics (in English, Bachelor Program)
  • Computer Business Game “Efficient Management of Organization” (in Russian, Bachelor Program) 
  • Game theory (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • General Management (in Russian, EMBA, Retraining Program)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (in English, MIB)
  • Innovation Management (in English, Bachelor Program)
  • Introduction to Business Management: Statistics (in English, MIB, MITIM)
  • Inventory Control and Management (in English, MIB)
  • Management (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Methods of Research in Economics and Management. Introductory Course (in Russian, Doctoral Program)
  • Microeconomics (in English, Doctoral Program)
  • Operations Management (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Statistics (in Russian, Bachelor Program)
  • Performance Measurement (in English, Bachelor Program)
  • Project Management (in Russian, Bachelor Program, Retraining Program)
  • Research Seminar (in English, MIB)
  • Quality Management (in Russian, Bachelor Program, EMBA)
  • Quantitative Methods for Decision Making (in Russian, Bachelor Program, EMBA)
  • Quantitative Methods of Business Research (in English, MIB)
  • Supply Chain Management (in English, Bachelor Program, MIB, MITIM)
  • Theory of industrial organization (in Russian, Doctoral Program) 



Books and Textbooks

  • Kazantsev A.K., Kiselev V., Rubvalter D., Rudensky O. NBIC-Technologies: Innovations Civilization of the XXI Century. Moscow, INFRA-M, 2012.
  • Zenkevich N.A. Game Theory. Textbook. 2nd ed., revised. SPb: Publishing  House “BHV”. 2011 (with L. Petrosyan, E. Shevkoplyas).
  • Ovsyanko D.V. Quality Management. St. Petersburg, Publishing Centre “Graduate School of Management”. 2011.
  • Zenkevich N.A., Petrosjan L., Yueng D.W.K.  Dynamic Games and Management Applications. St. Petersburg, Publishing Centre “Graduate School of Management”. 2009.
  • Kazantsev A.K. Public-Private Partnerships in Science and Innovation Sphere. Textbook. Moscow, 2009 (co-editor with D. Rubvalter).
  • Kazantsev A.K. (editor), Serova L.S., Serova E.G.   Information Technology Resources of Russian Economy. Textbook. St-Petersburg, 2007
  • Kazantsev A.K. The Basics of Innovation Management: Theory and Practice. Textbook. Moscow, 2004 (co-editor with L. Mindeli).
  • Kazantsev A.K., L. Serova L.S. The Basics of Production Management. Study book. Moscow, 2002 .
  • Kazantsev A.K., Serova L.S., Podlesnyh V.N. Practical Management in Case Studies, Economic Situations, Tasks and Tests. Study book. Moscow, 2000.
  • Kazantsev A.K., Serova L.S., Maljuk  V.I. The Basics of Management. Study book. 2nd ed. Moscow, INFRA-M, 2002 .
  • Zenkevich N.A., Lukianova A.E. Teaching Notes for Mathematical Analysis for Economists and Managers. St. Petersburg, MBI Publishing, 2002.




The articles of faculty of the Department were published in leading Russian journals in the field of management and economics:

  • “Russian Management Journal”
  • “Vestnik of SPBU (Management Series)”
  • “Vestnik of SPBU (Applied Mathematics and Control Processes Series)”
  • “Vestnik of SPBU (Economy Series)”
  •  “Russian Entrepreneurship“
  • “Contemporary Management“
  • “Russian Information Resources“
  • ” Innovations Management”
  • “Competition and Market”
  • “Finance and Business”
  • “Finance Management”
  •  “Innovations”
  • “Large-scale Systems Control”
  • “Mathematical Game Theory and Applications“
  • “Standards and Quality”


and in international journals:

  • “International Game Theory Review“
  •  “Global E-Governance Series”
  • “Game Theory and Applications”
  • “Economy and Business”
  • “International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications”