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Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management Department


Elena K. Zavyalova

Head of Department

Professor, Doctor of Science


Sofia V. Kosheleva

Professor, Doctor of Science


Marina O. Latukha

Associate Professor, Doctor of Science


Alexander F. Denisov

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Dmitry G. Kucherov

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Antonina Y. Lisovskaya

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Andrey L. Zamulin

Associate Professor, Candidate of Science


Vladislav I. Dominiak

Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Science


Victoria S. Tsybova

Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Science


Dmitri N. Sokolov

Assistant Professor



Courses taught

  • Human resource management (Bachelor’s program, EMBA, Presidential program)
  • Teams in Organizations (EMBA)
  • Leadership (Bachelor’s program, EMBA, Presidential program)
  • Motivation and Development (Bachelor’s program)
  • Personnel Recruitment (Bachelor’s program)
  • Personnel Audit and Controlling (Bachelor’s program)
  • Personnel Training and Development (Bachelor’s program)
  • Managing Rewarding and Budgeting (Bachelor’s program)
  • Organizational Design (Bachelor’s program)
  • Social Research in Organizations (Bachelor’s program)
  • Personnel Contracting (Bachelor’s program)
  • Conflict management (Bachelor’s program)
  • Organizational Physiology (Bachelor’s program)
  • Organizational Behavior (Bachelor’s program, EMBA)
  • Personnel Evaluation and Assessment (Bachelor’s program)
  • Negotiations (Bachelor’s program, EMBA)
  • Manager’s Professional Skills (Bachelor’s program)
  • Human Capital Management ((Bachelor’s program)
  • Psychology of Success Achievement (EMBA)
  • International Human Resource Management (Bachelor’s program, MIB)
  • Strategic Human Resource Management (DDEMBA)
  • Knowledge Management as Theory and Practice (MITIM)
  • Managerial Communication (Bachelor’s program)
  • Organizational Behavior (MIB)



Books and Textbooks

  • Latukha M. Cross-border strategy and operations: Finnish companies in Russia. A collection of cases//Edited by Andrey G. Medvedev and Marina O. Latukha. - SPb.: SPbSU GSOM. 2012
  •  Organizational behavior and human resource management: A Collection of Cases by GSOM authors. Graduate School of Management Publishing House, ed. by Gladkikh I V., Minina V.N., 2010.
  •  New challenges to managing organization in project business, “Agraf_+”, Saint-Petersburg, 2008.
  •  Knowledge management: handbook (eds). Graduate School of Management Publishing House 2009  (together with T.Gutnikova) (in Russian)
  •  Sales training. St.-Petersburg: Rech Publishers, 2006, 2004, 2002 (co-authorship with A. Druzhinin).
  •  Organizational psychology. М.-SPb., Publishing house: “the Owl”, 2005 (in Russian) .
  •  Pedagogical psychology. М.-SPb., Publishing house: “the Owl”, 2005 (in Russian) .
  •  Human resources management. Textbook. Saint-Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics, 2008 (together with B.Genkin)




The articles of faculty of the Department were published in leading Russian journals in the field of management and economics and international journals:

  • “Russian Management Journal”
  •  “Vestnik of SPBU (Management Series; Psycholody Series)”
  • “Expert. Northwest Region”
  • “Kadrovik”
  • “Spravochnik Kadrovika”
  • ”Personnel-Mix”
  •  “Human Resource Development International”
  • “Journal of European Industrial Training”
  • “International Journal of Case Method Research”
  • “The Human Factor”
  • “ International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovations”
  • “Journal for East European Management Studies”
  • “Global Business and Organizational Excellence Journal”
  • “Knowledge and Process Management”


Doctoral Students 

Doctoral Students

Thesis Topic

Supervisor of Studies

Zybina Victoria

HRM Strategy and practice in innovative companies

Prof. E.K. Zavyalova

Kovaleva Inna

Methods of HRM effectiveness evaluation in lean production system

Prof. S.V. Kosheleva