Olga N. Alkanova

Senior Lecturer, Marketing Department


E-mail: alkanova@gsom.spbu.ru



  • Candidate of Science (Economics), St. Petersburg State University, 2012
  • Doctoral Program, St. Petersburg State University, 2008-2011
  • Specialist Degree (Marketing), St. Petersburg State University, 2008



  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Perceptions
  • Marketing Research



  • AACSB Art and Science of Teaching Seminar, Singapore, 2018
  • EFMD Executive Academy, Prague, Czech Republic 2017
  • AACSB Assurance of Learning Seminars I&II, Budapest, Hungary, 2015
  • Strategic University Management Program, King’s College London, UK, 2014



  • Co-head, Assurance of Learning Committee, since 2018 (ongoing)
  • Head, Educational Programs Committee, since 2017 (ongoing) (member of Educational Programs Committee since 2015)
  • Senior Lecturer, Marketing Department, since 2015 (ongoing)
  • Academic Director, Master in Management Program, 2015-2017
  • Academic Director, Master in International Business Program, 2013-2016
  • Assistant Professor, Marketing Department, 2010-2015 (2010-2013 adjunct faculty, 2013-2015 – core faculty) 
  • Manager, Research Projects Department, 2011-2013



Articles in Refereed Journals

  • Gladkikh I.V., Alkanova O.N. 2014. Case Writing and Case-Based Teaching in the Russian Business Education. Russian Management Journal. 12(2), 99–116 (in Russian)
  • Alkanova O.N., Smirnova, M.M. 2014. Marketing in Emerging Markets: Definitions and Research Agenda. Russian Management Journal. 12(1), 95–108 (in Russian)
  • Muravskii D.V., Smirnova M.M., Alkanova O.N. 2013. Towards an Improved Understanding of Brand Equity: estimating the perception of brands by consumers, producers and investors. Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series. 2: 33-54 (in Russian)
  • Starov S.A., Alkanova O.N., Molchanov N.N. 2012. Brands, Trademarks and Commercial Symbols as Objects of Company Management. Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series. 2: 33-54 (in Russian)
  • Starov S.A., Moreva I.A., ALkanova O.N. 2011. Services Branding Effectiveness Assessment: the usage of brand touch-points model (on the example of Siberia Air Company). Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series. 1: 105-136 (in Russian)
  • Starov S.A., Alkanova O.N. 2009. Branding Effectiveness Evaluation Methodology. Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series. 4: 130-153 (in Russian)


Case Studies

  • Komarovo Equestrian Club: Give Way to New Favourite? // The European Case Clearing House (ecch). – 2012. – No. 512-125 (Case & Teaching Notes) 


Conference papers

  • Muravskii, D.V., Alkanova, O.N. & Smirnova, M.M. 2013. What Was Brand Equity Anyway, and How Did They Measure It? Looking Forward, Looking Back: Drawing on the Past to Shape the Future of Marketing. Proceedings of the 16th Biennial Marketing Congress. Springer: 326-329.
  • Smirnova, M.M., Alkanova, O.N. & Muravskii, D.V. 2013. Brand Equity as a Goal and as a Source of Control: what to measure and when to measure. Conference Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing 2013 Conference “Marketing Relevance”, Cardiff, UK, July 8-11, 2013. Springer: 6p.
  • Alkanova, O.N. 2012. Brand Performance: Towards a Clear Set of Metrics. Conference Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing 2012 Conference “Marketing: Catching the Technology Wave”, Southampton, UK, July 2-5, 2012. Springer: 8p.



  • Member of Organizing Committees of international conferences (International Conference “Public Sector Transition”, SPbU, 2011-2012; 4th EMAC Regional Conference – Marketing Theory Challenges in Emerging Societies, SPbU, 2013)
  • Leading Marketing Specialist, Ekotek Ltd., 2008-2011
  • Marketing Specialist of Strategic Marketing Department, “Teaspoon” Chain, 2005-2008
  • Membership in Professional Associations

- Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), 2013–;
- British Academy of Marketing (AM), 2011–;
- European Marketing Academy (EMAC), 2012–.


  • Quantitative Methods in Marketing (BA, in Russian) 
  • Consumer Behavior (BA, in Russian)
  • Research Seminar I (MIM)
  • Business Project (CEMS)
  • WU-GSOM International Summer School (MIM)
  • Doing Business in Russia (MIM)