Maxim Y. Arzumanyan

Senior Lecturer, Information Technologies in Management Department





  • British Higher School of Design, the course «Design of educational programs», 2016
  • SAP Summer School, 2015
  • Development of professional competences in the field of information technology based on Corporation EMC training courses, 2015
  • Open SAP (MOOC). Sustainability and Business Innovation,2014
  • Global University Alliance & LEADing Practice, Course «LEAD Enterprise Architecture eXpert program», 2013
  • Game | Changers. Game Changers Transforming Education Track, 2013
  • Methodology Subject-oriented BPM (S-BPM): Metasonic Suite toolkit 2012
  • Export Academie Baden-Wurttemberg. Web-training course «Innovation management», July 2012
  • Professional courses Training Center IBM: IBM Certified SOA Associate, 2009; IBM Certified Business Process AnalystWebSphere Business Modeler Advanced V7.0, 2011; IBM Certified Associate BPM Analyst, 2012
  • International program «Strategic & Information Technology», Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH, Germany, 2011
  • Development of a process-oriented and integrated solutions to the webMethods platform, 2011
  • IDS by Scheer Academy, course «Business process management, application integration and building SOA platform webMethods», Certificate №W -101026-6664, 2010
  • The controls are corporate information with EMC Documentum Manager, EMC, 2010
  • Academic Centre for SAP competencies, course TERP 10 SAP ERP «Business Integration», 2009
  • Diploma, Faculty of Economics and Management SUT, 2005



  • TOGAF 9 Certified, June 8, 2015, Registration number 96801
  • LEAD Enterprise Architecture Expert, Certification Registration Number: 3045
  • SAP Certified Associate - Business Process Integration with SAP ERP 6.0, EhP6, SAP, certificate number: 0006882935, February, 2009
  • IBM Certified Business Process AnalystWebSphere Business Modeler Advanced V6.2, 2008
  • IBM Certified SOA Associate, 2009
  • IBM Certified Business Process AnalystWebSphere Business Modeler Advanced V7.0, 2011
  • IBM Certified Associate BPM Analyst, 2012
  • ARIS Certified Specialist, ARIS Platform № A7-CS-0067



  • Enterprise Architecture and Business Engineering
  • Social Design and Engineering
  • Modern forms and methods of education



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Articles in periodicals

  • Arzumanyan M., Information world and the essence of the information // Bulletin of the Faculty of Humanities SUT them. prof. MA Bonch-Bruevich №5, St. Petersburg, 2008. - P. 101-118
  • Arzumanyan M., Dorofeev D. Antique peers and social networks as a space of verbal communication and online // Bulletin of the Faculty of Humanities SUT them. prof. MA Bonch-№6, St. Petersburg, 2010 S. 31-47
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Monographs and textbooks

  • Enterprise architecture: textbook for undergraduate and graduate programs. Urait (Moscow). 2018. 410 p. — ISBN 978-5-534-06712-5.(coauthors Evgeny Zaramenskikh, Maxim Arzumanyan) (in Russian)
  • Arzumanyan Y., Sotnikov A., Wolfson M., Arzumanyan M. Models and architectures of electronic business, 2009
  • Kudryavtsev D., Arzumanyan M., Grigoriev L. Business Engineering Technology. 2014
  • The contributer to: von Rosing M., Sheer A-W, von Sheel H. The Complete Business Process Handbook. Elsevier, New York, 2014: 707p. ISBN: 978-0-12-799959-3



  • Co-founder and director of intercollegiate academic center «EA Lab» in enterprise architecture / 2014-
  • Deputy director at Smart Architects.
  • Consultant in the business incubator Ingria. 2016-
  • Representative in Russia and member of the governing board of international academic associations in the field of enterprise architecture «Global University Alliance».
  • Permanent member of the community «Zhivie Goroda», a member of the program committee of the Forum of Zhivie Goroda. 2015-
  • Has successful experience in implementing projects in the field of enterprise architecture, business process management and information for the PJSC «Gazprom», PJSC «Gazprom Neft», PJSC «Rosneft», «Russian Post».