Yury E. Blagov

Associate Professor, Department of Strategic and International Management

Director of the PwC Center for Corporate Social Responsibility

Director of the "Project Management for Social Entrepreneurs" program


E-mail: blagov@gsom.spbu.ru



  • Corporate social responsibility: strategic integration and competitiveness (Executive Program), ESADE Business School/Stanford Graduate School of Business, Barcelona, 2008.
  • The Duke program for manager development (Executive Program), Duke University Fuqua School of Business, 1994.
  • Candidate of Science in Economics (First Doctoral Degree), St. Petersburg University, 1987.
  • Doctoral Program, School of Economics, St. Petersburg University, 1984–1987.  
  • Specialist Degree in political economy (with distinction), School of Economics, St. Petersburg University, 1981.



  • Evolution of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) concept
  • CSR and sustainable development
  • Corporate social performance management
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Social entrepreneurship



Monographs (all in Russian):

  • Blagov Y. Corporate social responsibility: the evolution of the concept. Graduate School of Management. 2010.
  • Blagov Y., Djomin V. Science and space: the SMC strategy. St.Petersburg University. 1991.


International and National Reports:

In English 

  • Review of UN Global Compact LEAD pilot phase. The Academy of Business in Society (EABIS), PRME, Ashridge Business School. January 2013 (Head of the SPbU GSOM research group).
  • Report on social investments in Russia 2008: integrating CSR principles into corporate strategy / Y.Blagov, S.Litovchenko, E.Ivanova (eds). Moscow: The Russian Managers Association. 2008. (Lead author).

In Russian

  • The results of the “Corporate Philanthropy Leaders — 2017” study. In: All about leaders 2017: the national “Corporate Philanthropy Leaders — 2017” project. Moskow. The Donors Forum. 2017 (co-authored with A.B.Boldyreva, O.V.Vohmyanina, I.Y.Efremova-Gart, A.A.Petrova-Savchenko).
  • Report on Social Investments in Russia — 2014: creating value for business and society /Y.Blagov, I.Sobolev (eds). St.Petersburg. ATM Kniga, 2014 (Lead author).
  • Report on Corporate Philanthropy in Russia. In: All about leaders 2014: the national “Corporate Philanthropy Leaders — 2014” project. Moskow. The Donors Forum. 2014 (co-authored with A.A.Petrova-Savchenko).
  • Analytical research on corporate philanthropy in Russia. In: Companies’ practice in philanthropy and social investments. Moscow. The Donors Forum. 2011 (co-authored with A.A.Petrova-Savchenko).
  • Analytical report for People Investor 2009 research / People Investor 2009: innovation approach to business in times of crisis. Moscow: The Russian Managers Association. 2010 (Lead author).


Papers in Academic Journals:

In English 

  • Corporate Strategies for Sustainability: the Experience of Leading Russian Companies. Brief for the UN Global Sustainable Development report 2016 (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/topics/science/rowdsourcedbriefs) (co-authored with A.A.Petrova-Savchenko).
  • Corporate philanthropy in Russia: evidence from a national awards competition // Corporate governance: the international journal of business in society. 2012. Vol. 12. Issue 4. P. 534–547 (co-authored with A.A.Petrova-Savchenko).*
  • Responsible leadership and “shared value” — the new Russian experience // EuroCharity Yearbook 2011/12: Leadership for sustainability. 2012. P. 80–81.
  • Corporate responsibility and emerging markets // Corporate governance: the international journal of business in society. 2011. Vol. 11. Issue 4. P. 308–312 (co-authored with G Lenssen, D.Bevan).

In Russian

  • Corporate Giving in Russia: Strategies of the Leaders // Economics of Contemporary Russia. 2016. №3 (74). P. 84–98 (co-authored with A.A.Petrova-Savchenko).
  • Creating value for business and society: corporate social performance of Russian companies // Russian Management Journal. 2015. Vol. 13. Issue 2. P. 67–98 (co-authored with V.I.Kabalina, A.A. Petrova-Savchenko, I.S.Sobolev).
  • Educational programs in social entrepreneurship: international experience and Russian features // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series. 2014. Issue. 3. P. 177–197 (co-authored with Y.N.Aray).
  • Corporate social performance of the Russian companies: towards the issue of the first business case studies collection // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series. 2012. Issue. 3. P. 106–127 (co-authored with I.V.Gladkikh).
  • Information disclosure on obligations fulfillment in non-financial reporting of the largest companies operating in Russia // Economics of Contemporary Russia. 2012. №2 (57). P. 118–130 (co-authored with A.A.Petrova-Savchenko).
  • R.Edward Freeman and the stakeholder concept // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series. 2012. Issue. 1. P. 109–116.
  • Analysis of the corporate philanthropy leaders’ practices in Russia in 2007–2009 // Russian Management Journal. 2011. Vol. 9. Issue 2. P. 27–48 (co-authored with A.A. Savchenko).
  • Evolution of CSR concept and the strategic management theory // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series. 2011. Issue. 1. P. 3–26.
  • Corporate social responsibility: challenges to the management education // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series. 2010. Issue 2. P. 143–161.
  • Social entrepreneurship: the problem of typology // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series. 2010. Issue 3. P. 109–114 (co-authored with Yu.N.Aray).
  • Corporate social responsibility in Russia: lessons of the national Report on social investments // Russian Management Journal. 2009. Vol. 7, Issue 1. P. 3–24 (co-authored with E.Ivanova).
  • The genesis of the corporate social responsibility concept // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series. 2006. Issue 2. P. 3–24. 
  • Business history as the path of learning. A review of Chandler A. D., Jr. Inventing the electronic century: the epic story of the consumer electronics and computer industries. Free Press, 2001 // Russian Management Journal. 2005. Vol.3. Issue 4. P. 169–177.
  • The concept of corporate social responsibility and strategic management // Russian Management Journal. 2004. Vol. 2. Issue. 3. P. 17–34.


* The paper has been chosen as an Outstanding Paper Award Winner 2013 by the Emerald Literati Network (www.emeraldinsight.com/literati). 


Papers in Professional Journals:

  • Corporate social responsibility is a market economy concept (An Interview) // Profession: Director. 2013. No 5. P. 26–34.
  • Just good business (An Interview) // Expert North-West. 2011. No 1(497). P. 20–23.
  • Corporate social responsibility and business education // Business education. 2007. No 1 (22). P. 49–52.


Published Textbooks and Cases:

  • Managing projects in social entrepreneurship (textbook) / Y.E.Blagov (ed). SPb.: SPbU Publishing House, 2017 (co-authored with Y.N.Aray, D.I.Barkan, O.R.Verkhovskaya, A.A.Petrova-Savchenko, O.M.Udovichenko).
  • Commercial firm “Schick”: social responsibility in small and medium-size business (co-authored with M.Zuravkova) / S.P.Kouchtch (ed.). Collection of case-studies: experience of Russian companies (North-West region). SPb.: SPbU Publishing House, 2003.



  • Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Italy), 2013.
  • HEC–Paris (France), 2006.
  • Haas School of Business IMIO (UC Berkeley, USA), 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.
  • IFL (Swedish Institute of Management) and ABB Co. (Sweden), 1999.
  • Central European University (Hungary), 1998.
  • Bremen University (Germany), 1991–1992.



  • “Honorary official of the High professional education of the Russian Federation” award, 2004.
  • Certificates of Honor of the Russian Council for Management Education, 2000; Russian Ministry of General and Professional Education, 1999; Academic Council of the SPbSU, 1997.  
  • Grant for Curriculum development, Eurasia Foundation/Citigroup, 2001–2003.  
  • DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 1991–1992.



Visiting Professorships: 

  • Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, 2010.
  • Aalto University (Finland), 2009, 2010.
  • UC Berkeley (USA), 1998
  • St.Mary’s College of California, 1995–1997, 1999–2005.


In-company ExEd Programs:

  • Severstal, StatoilHydro, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), IBM, Sakhalin Energy, 2008–. 


Memberships in professional associations: 

  • The emergence of social enterprises in Europe network (EMES), 2015–.
  • International Academy of Organizational Sciences, 2010–.
  • Caux Round Table (CRT), 2006–.
  • European Business Ethics Network (EBEN), 1996–.


Memberships in editorial boards:

  • Journal of East European Management Studies (JEEMS), 2015–
  • Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Management Series, 2009 –.
  • Corporate Governance: The international journal of business and society, 2006 –.
  • Russian Management Journal, 2003 –.
  • Global Outlook: An International Journal of Business, Economics and Social Policy, 1998–2003.


Participation in other councils/committees:

  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees, RAUL Charity Foundation, 2016–.
  • Member of the Expert council of the Presidential Grants Foundation on the development of Civil Society, 2017–.
  • Member of the Expert Council of the St.Petersburg Committee for Entrepreneurship and Consumer Market development, 2016–. 
  • Member of the Expert Council on the Moscow Mayor Grants competition for socially oriented NPOs, 2016–.
  • Member of the Expert council on the corporate transparency of Russian companies research (Russian Regional Network on Integrated Reporting), 2015–.
  • Member of the Expert council under the Committee for non-financial reporting of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), 2010–.
  • Judge of the National panel for the “Corporate Philanthropy Leaders” Award, 2009–.
  • Judge of the National panel for the “People Investor” Award, 2010–.
  • Member of the Saint Petersburg University Academic Council, 2003–.
  • Member of the SPbU GSOM Academic Council, 1994–.


International Conferences Chairing:

  • Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) Sustainability Centers Community workshop. INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. November 16–17, 2016, (Organizing Committee Member).
  • V International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE) World Congress 2012: “Tradition and new horizons: towards the virtue of responsibility”. Warsaw. July 11-14, 2013 (Program Board Member).
  • IX Annual Colloquium and VIII PhD Conference of EABIS-Academy of Business in Society 2010: “Corporate responsibility and emerging markets”. St.Petersburg, September 20–22, 2010 (Co-Chair).
  • XI International Conference of RABE: “The role of business education in the development of the business social responsibility”. Jordan. November 3–10, 2007 (Research Chair). 
  • Annual research Conference of EBEN: “Normative foundations of corporate responsibility”. St.Petersburg. June 15–17, 2006 (Program Committee Chair).