Vitally I. Cherenkov

Professor, Marketing Department





  • (2004) Doctor of Science – Grand PhD – (International Economics and Marketing – “International Business as a System of Complex Globally Integrated Marketing Channels”), Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (SPSUEF)
  • (1989) Retraining courses on International Economics for academics – Department of International Economical Relationships in Moscow State Institute of Relationships (MGIMO) under Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR, course “International Business”
  • (1988) International Business School - Moscow State Institute of Relationships (MGIMO) under Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR, course “International Business”
  • (1982) Candidate of Science – PhD – (Economics – “The State Regional Programming in United Kingdom”), Len-ingrad Institution for Finance and Economics (LIFE).
  • (1977-1981) Postgraduate education, LIFE (Department of Political Economy), 1977–1981.
  • (1973-1975) Higher Full-Time Courses of Foreign Languages (French) under Ministry of Higher and Medium Spe-cial Education of USSR in Leningrad State University
  • (1964-1970) Department of Radio Engineering in Leningrad Aircraft Engineering Institute, qualification - "Radio-Engineer".



  • International/Global Marketing Management
  • International Logistics
  • Paradigm of Sustainable Development
  • Contemporary Items of Marketing (Macromarketing, Countermarketing, Neuromarketing)
  • General Theory of Marketing.
  • Marketing Touristic Destinations
  • Theory and Practices of Business Internationalization
  • Managing and Marketing Hi-Tech Innovations 
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Theory and Techniques of Translation.




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  • (2015, 2013, 2008, 1997) Hankamer Business School in Baylor University (Wako, ТХ, USA), 
  • (2007) Academy of Competitive Intelligence (Chicago, USA)
  • (2007) Babson College (Boston, USA)
  • (1998) Manchester School of Business (Manchester, UK)
  • (1994) University of Westminster (London, UK)
  • (1991) Sweden Higher School of Economics (Helsinki)



  • Medal: "In Memory of 300-Anniversary of Saint-Petersburg"
  • Honoree Diploma of “KNOWLEDGE” Society "for active scientifically-dissemination and teaching activities"



  • (2005-2015) Member of Dissertation Board in SPSU
  • (2005-now) Member of Dissertation Board in SPSЕU – 08.00.14– since 2005
  • Member of World Association for Case Method Research & Application – since 2007
  • Member of Expert Board on “World Economy”, UMO in Finance Academy under Government of Russian Federa-tion – from 2003
  • Consultant and Scientific Reviewer in Economical Editorial Staff, NEVA Publishing House, Saint-Petersburg, from 2004
  • Consultant, Translator, and Scientific Editor in Economical Editorial Staff, PITER Publishing House, Saint-Petersburg, from 2004



PKF Alliance (SPb. RF), Eaton&Co (Dallas, USA), Empire FHC (SPb. RF.), Victoria-Fruit (SPb. RF), ZAO КFК under N.C.Krupskaya (SPb. RF), Novotech  (Novorossiysk), Phoenix-Eco (SPb. RF.), Perspectiva (Tumen), ООО Pulse Systems (SPb. RF.), Senator (SPb. RF.), SOVMASH (Moscow, RF), SOYUZAVTO (SPb. RF.), OOO Top-Games (SPb. RF.), Eaton&Co  (Dallas, USA), etc.



  • (2010) Gilad, B. Early Warning: Using Competitive Intelligence to Anticipate Market Shifts, Control Risk, and Create Powerful Strategies – SPb. Piter, 2010
  • (2008) International Business: New English-Russian Explanatory Dictionary. SPb.: Economic School, 
  • (2003) Derois J. Franchising/ translated from French - SPb.: NEVA
  • (2003)Tarandeaux J.-К., Csardel D. Distribution/ translated from French. - SPb.: NEVA


  • International Operations (ВА) – In English
  • International Marketing (ВА) – In English
  • Methods of International Operations Management (MIB) – In English
  • Basic Marketing – in Russian 
  • Basic Management – in Russian