Vassily K. Dermanov

Senior Lecturer, Department of Strategic and International Management





  • International Teachers Program, Stockholm, Sweden, 2004
  • Candidate of Science in Economics (First Doctoral Degree), St. Petersburg University, 1979
  • Specialist Degree in Political Economy, Department of Economics, St. Petersburg University, 1975  



  • Competitiveness
  • Growth and development
  • Intellectual capital management



Textbooks, Books and Monographs

  • Basic of economics // Textbook / Edited by Vassily K. Dermanov, Alexey Y. Linkov, Boris I. Tabachnikas, Moscow, 2000.
  • Japan and the United States: problems of trade competition. М.: Mezhdunarodnye otnoshenia, 1985.
  • Competition of Concerns: main forms and methods // Contemporary Concern: political economy perspective. Publishing House of the St. Petersburg State University, 1983.


Articles 2001-2013

  • Economic Growth or Economic Development: 'In Search of New a Paradigm' // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg State University. Management series, 2013. Issue 2. pp. 81–97.
  • Development Management as Structural Transformation Management // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg State University. Management series, 2011. Issue 2. pp. 61–79.
  • Russia in Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: 2006 Year Results Monitor// Vestnik of Saint Petersburg State University. Management series, 2007. Issue 1. pp. 185–191 (with Verhovskaya O.R.).
  • Intellectual capital in practice // Vestnik of Saint Petersburg State University. Management series, 2006. Issue 4. pp. 171−180.
  • Intellectual capital: management practice // Russian journal of management, 2006. Vol.3, N.3;
  • Using aggregate customer satisfaction index - challenges and problems of comparisons with special references to Russia // Total Quality Management. 2001. Vol. 12, N 7&8, 2001.


Popular Scientific Papers

  • Time and life as forms of an oscillating process//



  • Associated professor (economics), department of strategic and international management, GSOM, Saint Petersburg State University, 2006;
  • Associated professor (economics) at Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, 1998–2005;
  • Visiting professor (management) at Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration (Finland),1994–2002;
  • Associated professor (economics), department of economics, Pedagogical University, Saint Petersburg, 1983–1992;
  • Assistant professor and senior lecture (economics); department of economics, Pedagogical University, Saint Petersburg, 1978–1983.



  • Academic director of Dual Degree EMBA, GSOM, Saint Petersburg State University, 2006–2010;
  • Vice-president and Chief Operation Officer of Stockholm school of economics in Russia, 2003–2005;
  • Director of Entrepreneurship Center, Stockholm School of Economics. Russia, 1998–2003;
  • Dean, Herzen Pedagogical University, Economic Faculty, 1992–1996.


  • Economics for managers (EMBA)
  • Management of Intellectual Capital (EMBA)
  • Strategic resource management (EMBA)