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Vladislav I. Dominiak

Senior Lecturer, Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management Department



  • Candidate of Science (Psychology), St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Psychology, 2006.
  • Diploma of professional retraining, Social psychology and organizational consulting, St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Psychology, 2000. 
  • Diploma of Specialist of “Computers, complexes, systems and networks”, St. Petersburg State Academy of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI), 1995.



  • Organizational and economic psychology.
  • Relationships between workers and organizations, employees’ attitudes.
  • Organizational and professional loyalty (commitment), engagement and motivation of personnel.
  • Organizational culture.



Textbooks and manuals

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Scientific publications

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Chapters in collective monographs

  • Motive of communication in an organizational context//Social psychology of communication: the monograph / under a general edition of A.L. Sventsitsky. - M.: INFRA-M, 2017. - pp. 166-179 (in Russian).
  • Social and psychological analysis of organizational loyalty of personnel//Current problems of organizational and economic psychology: collective monograph: Ch.I. / under the editorship of Yu.M. Zabrodin. – M.: MGOU publishing house, 2011. - pp. 208-263 (in Russian).



  • Grant of the Russian Federal Property Fund "Values of the personality as behavior predictors in an uncertainty situation", 2010-2012.



  • CEO, consulting company "Dominanta", 2006-.
  • Associate professor of social psychology department of St.Petersburg State University, 2007-2017.
  • The dean of faculty of psychology (till 2016), the head of the department of psychology, the Baltic university of ecology, policy and law, 2012-2017. 
  • Associate professor of engineering pedagogics and psychology, SPb State Polytechnical University, 2002-2012.
  • Since 2001 Trainings and consultancy projects for different companies.


Membership in professional associations:

  • Russian psychological society, 2016-.
  • St. Petersburg psychological society, 2007-.