Joan Freixanet Solervicens

Associate Professor, Marketing Department





  • PhD., Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), 2009.
  • CEMS Master: ESADE – Norwegian School of Economics, 1997.
  • MBA: ESADE (Escuela Superior de Administración de Empresas), 1997.
  • Bachelor in Business Administration: ESADE, 1989



  • Family business
  • Export promotion programs and organizations
  • Innovation: conditions for its effects in business performance.
  • The relationship between entrepreneurship and export performance
  • The relationship between firm internationalization and innovation



Books, Monographs and Textbooks:

  • Finding and Managing Agents, Distributors and Other International Partners (2013). Editorial Iniciativas Empresariales.
  • Strategic Pricing for the International Markets (2012). Publisher: Iniciativas Empresariales.
  • International Marketing (2001). Publisher: Editorial AFD.


Case Studies:

  • Portbooker: The International Expansion of an Internet Start-Up.
  • Relats: A Family SME Goes Global
  • Freixenet: The Sparkling Internationalization of a Global Leader
  • Baltika: The Russian Star Longs for Wearing a Crown
  • Volkswagen and the Emissions Scandal


Papers in Academic Journals:

  • Export promotion programs: Their impact on companies’ inter-nationalization performance and competitiveness // International Business Review. 2012, Vol. 21(6), pp. 1065–1086.
  • Freixanet, J., & Churakova, I. (2018). The Impact of Export Promotion Programs on Firms’ Export Competencies and Performance in a Transition Economy: The Case of Russian Manufacturers. Journal of East-West Business, 1-32.
  • Freixanet, J., & Churakova, I. (2018). Exploring the Relationship Between Internationalization Stage, Innovation, and Performance: The Case of Spanish Companies. International Journal of Business, 23(2).
  • Freixanet, J., Rennart G., & Rialp A. (2018). The Impact of Managers’ Global Orientation in SME Export and Economic Performance. Management International Review. 58(571).
  • Insights into public export promotion programs in an emerging economy. The case of Malaysian SMEs.// Evaluation and Program Planning. 2014, Vol. 46(2014), pp. 38-46. (with Ayob A.).
  • La evaluación del impacto de los programas de promoción de la internacionalización. Una aplicación al caso de las empresas de Cataluña. // Revista ICE – Tribuna de Economía. 2010, Vol. 854, pp. 105-123.
  • Innovation and internationalization: relationship and implications for management and public policy. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge. 2014. Issue 2, Vol. 2.



  • Moscow State University: Visiting professor. 2010-2014.
  • UNESCO (in Paris, France). Budget department. 1992.
  • Générale Sucrière (in Paris, France). Company Analysis. 1993



  • Accredited PhD Lecturer by ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation for Professors and Universities of Spain).
  • “HKUNST Best Paper in Global Strategy” Award - Academy of Management Conference 2018. 



  • Consultant in International Strategy: 15 years’ experience as a consultant for 150 companies in various industries. 1998-2014.



Frequent Paper Reviewer for different journals:

  • International Business Review (IBR)
  • Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy (EPC)
  • Rubriq Reviewer Network.


  • International Strategic Management,
  • International Marketing,
  • New Product Development