Evgenii V. Gilenko

Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration


E-mai: e.gilenko@gsom.spbu.ru



  • Candidate of Sciences in Economics (SPbSU, Faculty of Economics, 2005)
  • Master of Arts in Economics (European University at St. Petersburg, 2003)
  • Specialist Program in «Mathematical Methods in Economics» (SPbSU, Faculty of Economics, 1997-2002)



  • Macroeconomic modeling and forecasting
  • e-Government and Public e-Services
  • Machine learning and big data analysis



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  • Laureate of The prof. Ovsievich Award for Fundamental Economic and Mathematical Research (2008)


  • Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics (in R)
  • Quantitative Methods for Market and Policy Research
  • Statistical Programming in Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Financial Econometrics