Anastasia A. Golubeva

Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Administration





  • Candidate of Science (Economics), St. Petersburg State University, 2006
  • Specialist Degree (Public Administration), St. Petersburg State University, 2002



  • E-Government and E-Governance
  • Public E-services
  • Public Sector Economics
  • Public Sector Innovations



  • Professional Development Programme, Graduate Management Admission Council, Chicago, 2010
  • Writing cases workshop, ECCH, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2010
  • Faculty Development Programme, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, 2008
  • Course on Research and Innovation Management – Best Practices in Finland, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2007


Membership in Professional Associations 

  • Association for Studies in Public Economics (ASPE), 2005 –.
  • Network of institutes and schools of public management in Eastern and Central European Countries (NISPAcee), 2005 –.



  • Academic director, Master in Public Management Program, 2015 – 2017
  • Academic director, Bachelor of Public Administration Program, 2013 – 2014
  • Academic coordinator, Center for Social Sector Management Programs, 2010–2011
  • Deputy Head of Public Administration Department, 2008 – 2014
  • Director of professional retraining program General management (Major Social Sector Management), 2009 – 2010



Articles in Academic Journals

  • Perception of Public E-services by Russian Citizens: A Pilot Study in St. Petersburg // Russian Management Journal. 2017 Issue 3. P. 289–302.  (with Gilenko, E.)
  • Knowledge Exchange between High School Teachers: Factors of Intensity // Educational Studies. 2013. Issue 2. P. 154-187 (with T. Andreeva, A. Sergeeva, Y. Pavlov) (in Russian).
  • Electronic Democracy in Russia: Setting up the Tradition of Political Awareness and Participation // Public Administration Issues. 2012. Issue 4. P. 50-65 (with D. Ishmatova) (in Russian).
  • Public Sector Innovations: Introduction to the Problem // Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series. 2010. Issue. 4. P. 28-57 (with E. Sokolova) (in Russian).
  • Demand for Online Government Services: Case Studies from St. Petersburg // Information polity, The International Journal of Government and Democracy in the Information Age. 2006. Vol. 11 (3/4). P. 241-254 (with I. Merkuryeva).
  • Evaluation of City Government Web-Sites: The Case of St. Petersburg Executive Authorities // Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series. 2005. Issue 2. P. 161-182 (with I.  Merkuryeva, N. Shulakov) (in Russian).
  • Development of E-Government in St.Petersburg: Evaluation of Web Sites Performance and Usability // NISPAcee Occasional Papers in Public Administration and Public Policy. 2005. Volume VI (2). P. 53-62 (with I. Merkuryeva, N. Shulakov).
  • E-Government: Introduction to the Problem // Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series. 2005. Issue 2. P. 158-179 (in Russian).


Chapters in Books

  • E-Democracy in Russia: political awareness and participation among young citizens // Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on eGovernment, Como, Italy. 2013. P. 205-213 (with D. Ishmatova).
  • Development of educational programs in e-government: trends, challenges and Russian experience // Proceedings of the International Conference One Stop Europe 09 – Electronic Public Management Ludwigsburg, Germany. 2009. (with O. Patokina).
  • Readiness to G2B Electronic Interactions in Russian Regions: Results of an Empirical Study // Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on e-Government, RMIT University Melbourne, Australia. October 2008. pp. 151–161 (with O. Patokina).
  • Evaluation of Regional Government Portals on the Basis of Public Value Concept: Case Study of Russian Federation // Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, Macao, China, 10-13 December 2007, Ed. By Tomasz Janowski and Theresa A. Pardo, The Association for Computing Machinery 1515 Broadway New York 10036 pp 394-399
  • Development of Educational Programs in e-Government, Integration of Theory and Practice in e-Government and Learning Based on the Information and Communication Technologies / Proceedings of International Conference. School of Management, St. Petersburg State University, October 6, 2006
  • E-government in Context of Public Administration Reforms / Public Sector Transition: Problems of Efficient Management. / Institute of Management SPbSU. — St. Petersburg, 2006


Case Studies (registered in ecch — 1)

  • Job Outplacement in Company's Restructuring Process: Experience of Procter&Gamble in Russia (ecch). 2011. No. 411-088-1 (with M. Latukha).


  • Contemporary public management (Master Program)
  • Research seminar (Master Program)
  • Public sector economics (Bachelor Program)
  • Public management (Bachelor Program)
  • E-Government (Bachelor Program)
  • Consulting Project (Master Program)