Tatiana N. Klemina

Acting Head, Department of Strategic and International Management

Associate Professor, Strategic and International Management Department


E-mail: klemina@gsom.spbu.ru



  • Candidate of Science in Economics (First Doctoral Degree), St. Petersburg University, 1986
  • Doctoral Program, Department of Economics, St. Petersburg University, 1981-1984
  • Specialist Degree in Political Economy (with distinction), Department of Economics, St. Petersburg University, 1986  



  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Schools of Thought in Theory of Organization and Management Theory
  • Management Fashion



Books, Monographs and Textbooks

  • Theory of Organization: Readings / T.Klemina (ed.). Graduate School of Management, 2009.


 Papers in Academic Journals

  • Strategy Teaching at Business Schools: Contemporary Challenges // Vestnik SPbSU. Management Series. 2017. N2. (with Aray Y. N., Verkhovskaya O. R.).
  • On the Anniversary of Professor Nikolay V. Raskov: Biographical Sketch and Scientific Contribution // Vestnik SPbSU. Management Series. 2016. N4. (with Dermanov V.K).
  • What Management Scholars and Faculty at Business Schools Shouldn’t Forget about? // Vestnik SPbSU. Management Series. 2013. N1.
  • Evolution of Incentive Contracts Modeling with Companies CEOs // Vestnik SPbSU. Management Series. 2012. N1. (with Zenkevich N. A., Katkalo V. S., Medvedev A. G.).
  • The Founder of St. Petersburg (Leningrad) School of Research in a “Capitalist Firm”: In Memory of Professor Andrey A. Djomin // Russian Management Journal. 2012. V.10, N1. (with Katkalo V. S.).
  • Economic Approach to Human Resource Management Problems // Vestnik SPbSU. Management Series. 2010. N4.
  • Human Resource Management and Organization Performance: Theoretical Debate and Empirical Research // Russian Management Journal. 2008. V.6, N3.
  • Life Cycle Concept in Organization and Management Studies // Vestnik SPbSU. Management Series. 2007. N2. (with G. Shirokova, T.Kozyreva).
  • Cares and Concerns of Organization Theory// Russian Management Journal. 2007. Vol.5, N 4.
  • Organization Theory in the Epoch of Economic Transition. A Review of Milner B. Z. Organization Theory. Moscow, 2005 // Russian Management Journal. 2005. Vol.3, N4.
  • Ecological Perspective in Organization Theory // Vestnik SPbSU. Management Series. 2004. N3.



  • Employer Brand: Theoretical and Practical Issues // Russian Management: Theory, Practice, Education. SPb: SPbSU, 2001. V.1.(with S.Kosheleva).
  • Social Security in Russia: System Reforms. In: Reforming Social Services in Central and Eastern Europe – an Eleven Nation Overview. Ed. by.V Pestoff . Cracow, 1995.



  • Haas School of Business, California University, Berkeley (USA), 1995, 2007
  • Training for Trainers Program, IFL (Sweden), 1998, 1999
  • The Duke Program for Manager Development, Fuqua School of Business at Duke University (USA), 1994
  • Summer School, Tubingen University (Germany), 1993 



  • Honorary Educationalist of the Russian Federation Decoration, 2009
  • Diploma of Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, 2004
  • Citigroup Award "Citigroup Faculty Fellowship Program", 2004-2007
  • Personal Research Grants & Grants for SOM Development from USIA, Eurasia Foundation, Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation), 1998, 1999



  • Member of the Academy of Management, 2010–;
  • Member of Strategic Management Society, 2010–;
  • Member of St.Petersburg State University Academic Council, 2010–;
  • Academic Secretary, GSOM SPbSU Dissertation Committee № D 212.232.58, 2009–2012;
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Personnel-Mix Journal, 2001-2007.


Translation from English into Russian of  7 Volumes of Works by Leading International Scholars in Management and Marketing:

  • Aaker D. Building Strong Brands. M., 2003. – In Cooperation;
  • Hammer M.& Champy J. Reengineering the   Corporation. SPb., 1997. – In Cooperation;
  • Corporate Governance in Transitional Economies. Insider Control and the Role of Banks. Ed. by M.Aoki & Hyung-Ki Kim. SPb., 1997. – In Cooperation.


Translation from English into Russian of 5 Articles by Leading International Scholars in Organization Theory and Human Resource Management:

  • DiMaggio P. & Powell W. The Iron Cage Revisited: Institutional Isomorphism and Collective Rationality in Organizational Fields // Vestnik SPbSU.  Management Series. 2007. N 3. – In Cooperation with M. Stortschevoy;
  • Wright P., Dunford D., Snell S. Human Resources and the Resource Based View of the Firm // Russian Management Journal. V. 5, N1, 2007;
  • Carroll G. Concentration and Specialization: The Niche Wide Dynamics in Organizational Population // Russian Management Journal. V. 3, N2, 2005;
  • Hannan M. & Freeman J. The Population Ecology of Organizations // Vestnik SPbSU.  Management Series. 2004. N3;
  • Greiner L. Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow // Vestnik SPbSU. Management Series. 2002. N4.


  • Human Resource Management (Bachelor Program)
  • Management (Bachelor Program)