Antonina Yu. Lisovskaya

Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management Department





  • Post-doctorate, University of Barcelona, Spain 2013-2014
  • Candidate of Science (Economics), St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Engineering, 2009
  • Post-graduate program, St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Engineering, 2006-2009
  • Specialist Degree in Human Resources Management, diploma with honors, St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Engineering, 2006



  • Organizational Behavior
  • Motivation
  • Performance management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management



  • The peculiar features of Human Resource Management in Agile Companies. Working Paper # 10 (E)-2018. Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University: SPb, 2018. (co-authored by E. Zavyalova, A. Alsufyev, V. Dominiak, A. Zamlin, D. Sokolov)
  • Lisovskaia, A. Yu, & Nikitina, I. A. (2017). Benefit package as an element of staff stimulation system: practices of Russian companies and expectations of employees. Management in Russia and Abroad, (5), 101-108.
  • Ferreira, A. I., Mach, M., Martinez, L. F., Brewster, C., Dagher, G., Perez-Nebra, A., & Lisovskaya, A. (2017). Working sick and out of sorts: a cross-cultural approach on presenteeism climate, organizational justice and work–family conflict. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 1-23.
  • Lisovskaya, A. Yu (2016). "Lack of presence": the need to research the phenomenon of presenteeism. Organizational Psychology, 6 (4).
  • Lisovskaya, A. Yu (2012). Problems of choosing the system of motivation of the personnel. Scientific and technical statements of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Economic Sciences, (6 (161)).



  • Lisovskaia A., Nikitina I., Benefit package for an average employee: the practices of russian companies and the expectations of employees. 6th Reward Management Conference (RMC 2017), European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM). The New Pay revisited: Promises Fulfilled or unrequited? Brussels, Belgium, December 7-8, 2017
  • Zavyalova E., Lisovskaia A., Alsyfuev A., Dominiak V., Zamulin A. Features of human resource management in agile companies. 10th Annual Scientific International Conference "Modern Management: Problems, Hypotheses, researches", Special international section: "International Studies of human resource management practices ", HSE (Moscow) Moscow, Russia, November, 23-24, 2017
  • Mach, M., Ferreira, A., Martinez, L., & Lisovskaia, A. The Moderated Mediation Role of Supervisor Support & Presenteeism climate between Job context & Attendance.X International Workshop on HRM-Cadiz, Spain-October 27-28, 2016
  • Mach, M., Ferreira, A., Martinez, L., Dahger, G., Perez, A. & Lisovskaia, A. A cross-cultural approach on presenteeism climate, organizational justice and work-family conflict. Academy of Management Meeting-Anaheim, California (US)-August 5-9, 2016
  • Mach, M., Ferreira, A., Martinez, L., Perez, A., Dahger, G., Lisovskaia, A. & Work-family conflict antecedents: A cross cultural approach to presenteeism climate and organizational justice. VI International Conference of Work and Family-Barcelona, Spain-July 1-2, 2015, the ICWF-International Center for Work and Family of IESE Business School
  • Common Organizational and HRM Strategies in Modern Russian Companies: Impact on Organizational and Employee Performance in an Emerging Economy. (electronic version)  29th Workshop on Strategic Human Recourse Management-European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM)-Ajaccio, Corsica, April, 24-25th, 2014.



  • University of Barcelona , 2013-2014 
  • University of Applied Sciences, Schmalkalden, 2010



  • Research grant, Saint- Petersburg State University, "Peculiarities of human resources management in agile companies", member of research team, 2017-2018
  • International Exchange Scholarships for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD, Postdoctoral Students funded by the European Commission, Eranet Program, 2013-2014
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2013 
  • Best  Paper Award,  Congress of students and post-graduate students at St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics, 2008, 2009



  • Reviewer, Academy of Management, 2018
  • St. Petersburg Interregional Resource Center, cases for selection of candidates for positions of heads and deputy heads of executive bodies of the state power of St. Petersburg, 2017
  • Reviewer, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2016
  • Visiting lecturer, Graduate School of Economics, EMBA, St.Petersburg  State University of Economics, 2015 
  • Post-doctoral research fellow, University of Barcelona 2013-2014
  • Rosengineering, consulting projects, 2012
  • Visiting lecturer, Master Program of Double Degrees, University of Angers (France)-St.-Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia), 2012-2016
  • Visiting lecturer, National Research University, Higher School of Economics (St.Petersburg), 2009-2016,
  • Recruitment agency «Neva-personnel», HR manager, senior HR Manager, 2006 – 2009 


Membership in professional associations:

  • Academy of Human Resource Development, (AHRD), 2016-.
  • Academy of Management (AoM) 2016-.


  • Manager Professional Skills (MIM, MCF, MPM)
  • HR Audit and Consulting (Bachelor Program)
  • Management and Organizational Behavior (Bachelor Program)
  • Organizational Behavior and HRM (MIM, MCF, MPM)
  • Labor Economics (Bachelor Program)
  • Employees Motivation and Compensation (Bachelor Program)
  • Change Management (Executive Education Program, "Management in Health care")