Tatyana M.Sklyar

Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration

Academic Director, Bachelor in Public Administration


E-mail: sklyar@gsom.spbu.ru



  • Candidate of Science (Economics), St. Petersburg State University, 2005
  • Specialist Degree (Economic Cybernetics), Leningrad Institute of Economics and Finance, 1984



  • Behavior of Special Interests Groups
  • Health Policy



  • Internship, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, USA, 2007, 2008
  • Internship, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, 2003
  • Internship, School of Public Health, Emory University, USA, 2003


Membership in Professional Associations

  • International Society for Research on Innovation and Change in Health Care Systems (ISRICH), 2007 –.
  • Association for Studies in Public Economics (ASPE), 1998 –.



  • Research grant for the project  «Organizational and managerial innovation in health care», St.Petersburg State University,  2012-2013.
  • Research grant for the project «Effective forms of management in social policy: interaction of business and government in health care», The Priority National Project "Education", 2007–2008.
  • Research grant for the project “Analysis of Competition Prospects in Health Insurance”, USAID – Moscow Science Foundation 2005
  • Research grant for the project “Contribution of Health Insurers to Better Quality and Accessibility of Health Care”, The Soros Foundation - Independent Institute of Social Policy, 2002–2003
  • The World Bank Expert for the project “Budget Expenditures on Social Protection in Six Russian Regions”, The International Centre for Social and Economic Research "Leontief Centre" to The World Bank order, 2000–2001



Articles in Refereed Journals  

  • The Role of Diagnosis-related Groups in Health Care Organizations Financing // VOPROSY ECONOMIKI (Economics Issues). 2010. Vol. 8, Issue 8. P. 132-143 (in Russian)
  • The Activity of Public Medical Organizations in Russian Healthcare System // Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series. 2007. Issue 4. P. 139-156 (in Russian)
  • Consumer Behavior at Health Care Services Market: Medical Insurance Perspectives // Vestnik (Herald) of St. Petersburg University. Management Series. 2004. Issue 1. P. 65–86 (with I. Baranov) (in Russian)


Articles in Professional Journals  

  • International practice of pay-for-performance funding in health care. // Health Manager. 2015. No. 3. P. 10-15 (in Russian)
  • Innovation in Medical Organizations / / Health Care.  2014. No 1. P. 42-48. (in Russian)
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  • Medical and Economic standards in Hospitals Funding // Chief Medical Officer. 2011. No. 10. P. 10-15 (in Russian)
  • Russian Health Care System in Conditions of Global Economic Crisis: Groups of Interests Behaviour // Chief Medical Officer. 2011. No. 2. P. 46-51 (in Russian).
  • The Role of Medical Insurance Companies in Reforming Health Care System // The Economics of Medical Insurance. 2003. Issue 3. P. 28–39 (with I. Baranov) (in Russian)



  • Health Care Economics and Management. St. Petersburg State University Publishing House, 2004


Book Editing

  • State Order Placement: Auction or Competition // Public Sector Reform: New Quality of Management; Collected Papers. St. Petersburg: GSOM Publishing, 2008 (co-editor with I. Baranov)


Chapters in Books

  • Public Utilities’ Expenditures Management for Social Sphere Organizations // Public and Local Finance Management. Chapter 7. St. Petersburg, ICSER Leontief Centre, 2008 (with I. Baranov, E. Pshennikova,  E. Sokolova) (in Russian)
  • Developing Competition in Health Care System: Feasibility Analysis. Moscow Public Science Foundation Research Papers Series. Issue 184. 2006 (with E. Kochurov, I. Merkurieva, I. Baranov) (in Russian)
  • Chapters on Budget and Budget Process, Health Care, and Social Protection. Ten Years of Economic Reforms. St. Petersburg: Leontief Center. 2001 (with A. Zaostrovtsev, L. Savulkin, I. Baranov) (in Russian).  


Case Studies

  • ONA Clinic: Entrepreneurship in Healthcare // ONA Clinic: Entrepreneurship in Healthcare // International Journal for Case Method Research and Application. 2012.  XXIV (1). P. 38-47 (with G. Shirokova)
  • “Beauty, Health and Sexuality”. Entrepreneurship in Health Care (ECCH). 2009. No. 809-043-1 (with G. Shirokova, T. Kozyreva)


  • Microeconomics (Bachelor Program)
  • Social Policy (Bachelor Program)
  • Managing Public Organizations (Bachelor Program)