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Yaroslav Karnakov

Guest Lecturer





  • Amsterdam Institute of Finance (, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    • 05.2010 - 06.2010, Certificate: «Acquisition Finance after the Crisis»
  • Saint Petersburg State University School of Law (, St. Petersburg, Russia
    • 08.2003 - 06.2005, Master of Laws, Major: Commercial Law, Entrepreneurial Law
    • 08.1999 - 06.2003, Bachelor of Laws



Papers in Academic Journals

  • An author over 30 articles published in the leading Russian law reviews and magazines (the representative list of publications)
  • Option Agreement in the Draft Civil Code of the Russian Federation, 7 Legal Insight (2013)
  • Concerning Affiliates of a Private Pension Fund, 10 Zakon Law Review (2013)
  • Musings over the most significant corporate law rulings handed down by the Supreme Arbitrazh Court in the second half of 2012, Moscow lawyer, January 2013
  • On the Drawbacks and Ambiguities of the New System for Circulation of Equity Interest in a Limited Liability Company, 6 Review of the Supreme Arbitrazh Court (2012)
  • Whether or Not It Is Possible to Claim Lost Profit Sustained as a Result of a Frivolous Suit, Moscow lawyer, April 2012
  • Calculating the Price At Which the Shares of Minority Shareholders Must Be Bought Out, Moscow lawyer, December 2011
  • Ambiguities of Judicial Interpretation of the Civil Code Provisions on Sham Transactions in Russian Yearbook of Entrepreneurial (Commercial) Law. 2010
  • Piercing the Corporate Veil within the frameworks of the draft Concept for Development of the Legislation on Legal Entities, Russian Law: Education, Practice, Science (2009) 
  • Investigating methods for enhancing legal training at Saint-Petersburg State University School of Law in Russian Yearbook of Entrepreneurial (Commercial) Law. 2009
  • Some Questions of Legislation on Shareholders' Agreements, 8 Zakon Law Review (2009)
  • Derivative Suit under U.S. Corporate Law, 6 Zakon Law Review (2009)
  • Specific Features of U.S. Legal Education, 3 Zakon Law Review (2009)
  • Some Questions of Conditional Contracts, 11 Zakon Law Review (2008)
  • The nature and the elements of a concession agreement in Russian Yearbook of Entrepreneurial (Commercial) Law. 2008.
  • Real Property as the Subject of a Concession Agreement, 4 Economics and Law Review (2008)
  • Legal Status of the Property Constituting Common Infrastructure in a Non-Residential Building, 10 Zakon Law Review (2007)
  • Increase in the Authorized Capital of an Indebted Joint Stock Company, 10 Corporate Lawyer (2007)
  • Sham Transactions in the Practice of Joint Stock Companies, 8 Corporate Lawyer (2007)
  • Protection of Rights of an Acquirer of the Ownership Interest in the Share Capital of a Limited Liability Company in Case of Reluctance and Unwillingness of Other Members to Introduce Amendments to the Constituent Documents, 4 Review of the Supreme Arbitrazh Court (2007)
  • Trade secret: legislative innovations(in co-authorship with Roman Golovatsky), 6 Corporate Lawyer (2007)
  • Real properties as fixed assets and capital investments: legal, accounting and tax aspects, 3 Lawyer and Accountant (2004). Special issue «Real Estate: legal and economic aspects»




  • Introduction to Law,
  • Corporate Law