Academic Council of GSOM SPbU

The Academic Council is a permanent elected body of the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University. It oversees the work of the School in terms of scientific and teaching activities, analyzes and monitors the quality of implementation of educational programs, decides on the appointment and nomination of representatives of the teaching staff for state awards. In addition, the Academic Council decides on holding scientific conferences and approves the work plan of GSOM SPbU scientific journals.

Academic Council members

The Academic Council includes GSOM SPbU professors and administration as well as a representative of the student council. The chairman is the director of GSOM SPbU. The Scientific Secretary coordinates the activities of the Council.


Olga Dergunova

Chairman, Director of GSOM SPbU

Yuri Blagov

Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences

Alexandr Bukhvalov

Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Tatiana Gavrilova

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Igor Gladkikh

Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences

Anush Egiyan

Representative of the GSOM SPbU Student Council

Elena Zavyalova

Professor, Doctor of Psychology

Elena Orlova

Associate Professor, Candidate of social psychology

Anatoly Kazantsev

Professor, Doctor of Economics

Sofia Kosheleva

Professor, Doctor of Psychology

Konstantin Krotov

Head of School, GSOM SPbU, Candidate ofEconomics

Nikolay Raskov

Professor, Doctor of Economics

Yuri Fedotov

Associate Professor, Candidate of Economics

Sergey Yablonsky

Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences


Scientific Secretary:


Anna V. Levchenko (Logacheva)

Assistant Professor, Department of Operations Management