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International Accreditations


Graduate School of Management SPbU is a recognized leader in Russian business education, which is reflected in its obtaining such international accreditations as EQUIS, AMBA, ACCA.



Institutional accreditation EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) is the leading international system of quality assessment of higher education institutions in management and business administration that is established by European Foundation for Management Development.



European Foundation for Management Development  (EFMD) was founded in 1972 as a non-for-profit membership organization in management education. Nowadays it is one of the two main associations of leading business schools in the world, the other is Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). EFMD organizes two types of accreditations for business schools: institutional (EQUIS) and programme (EPAS). It also facilitates the networking development between the schools and companies all over the world, creates and spreads the knowledge about best management practices, trends of management development and management education.



EQUIS Accreditation

EQUIS accreditation is awarded to business schools and management university faculties that allign to certain quality criteria in ten directions:

  1. Context, Governance and Strategy
  2. Degree Programmes
  3. Students
  4. Faculty
  5. Research and development
  6. Executive Education
  7. Contribution to the Community
  8. Resources and Administration
  9. Internationalisation
  10. Corporate connections


The main focus of EQUIS is high academic quality of the degree programs and their management system, high extent of business school internationalization and tight connections with business community.


EQUIS accreditation board includes three experts of academic community on the Head of School level and an expert of EFMD corporate partner. Such leaders of business education as London School of Economics, HEC Paris, ESADE Business School, etc. are awarded the EQUIS accreditation.




GSOM SPbU is a member of EFMD since 2006 as a result of external audit focused on alignment to international requirements expected from EFMD members. In November 2011 GSOM SPbU successfully passed eligibility phase of accreditation process as a consequence of EFMD external audit and already in October 2012 hosted international accreditation board for detailed quality assessment of the management processes and programs realisation. On a meeting on 11th December 2012 the EQUIS Accreditation awarding board voted to assign EQUIS accreditation to Graduate School of Management SPbU for duration of three years. In 2015 GSOM SPbU went through the procedure of re-accreditation and was awarded EQUIS accreditation for the three years to come. Graduate School of Management SPbU is the first and at the moment only business school in Russia and CIS honored to be awarded the prestigious EQUIS accreditation.





Accreditation AMBA is a world quality standard for EMBA, DBA and MBA programs, established by the MBA Association (AMBA).


Association MBA

Association MBA was created in Great Britain in 1967 aiming to support and promote MBA programs in the world and provide their best quality. Association facilitates the interaction of the leading business schools of the world, potential MBA students and alumni, along with companies recruiting worldwide.


AMBA Accreditation

AMBA accreditation is awarded to the programs EMBA, DBA and MBA that align with the quality standards of the Association according to the following directions:

  1. Institutional integrity, Sustainability and Distinctiveness
  2. Faculty Quality and Sufficiency
  3. Programme Design and Leadership
  4. Student Cohort Experience
  5. Competences, Graduate Attributes and Learning Outcomes
  6. Curriculum Breadth and Depth
  7. Assessment Rigour and Relevance
  8. Delivery and Interaction
  9. Impact and Lifelong Learning

Thorough criteria of evaluation guarantee that the accreditation is awarded only to the programs of the highest quality in the field of management education, taking into account faculty and class interaction.



Executive MBA program of Graduate School of Management SPbU, which is taught in Russian, went through the internal audit by the international accreditation committee of AMBA in the end of 2007. As a result, in 2008 International Accreditation Board awarded the EMBA program of GSOM SPbU the AMS Accreditation for the maximum possible period of 5 years, which was the first time for a Russian business school.


In the end of 2012 EMBA program of GSOM SPbU went through one more external audit initiated for the re-accreditation and received AMBA accreditation for the next 5 years, confirming alignment to the requirements and standards of AMBA.





ACCA is an accreditation of educational programs, which is realized by The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


ACCA Association 

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a global professional accountants’ organization that unites specialists in the field of finance, reporting and audit that work in the different parts of the world. Association was founded in 1904 and its headquarters is situated in London. Nowadays ACCA has more than 90 offices, subdivisions and accredited educational centers, along with more than 8500 accredited employers. The main function of ACCA is preparation of the certified accountants (auditors) as specialists who will be able to propose to the public companies their services in the area of audit, corporate finance, taxation, consulting, etc. ACCA can be differentiated from other national account institutions by the fact that it actively realizes its educational programs not only in Great Britain, but also abroad, having many foreign members as a result.


ACCA Accreditation

ACCA awards accreditations to study programs of other educational establishments that satisfy the requirements of the Association. Accreditation gives ACCA a possibility to free ACCA graduates from exams in the case when the program went through the assessment by the criteria of rules of the program’s admission, discipline content and written discipline exams.



According to the conditions of the accreditation the graduates of 2013-2017 bachelor programs in management education SPbU will be freed from certain exams needed to be obtained for the professional certification by ACCA.