Graduate School of Management SPbU is a leading Russian business school that through a global vision bridges ideas,

professionals and organizations to educate leaders,

create and disseminate managerial knowledge for impactful societal and economic change.


The vision


To have a sustained position among top-50 business schools in Europe


By 2022 the school should be recognized as one of top 50 schools by any ranking or survey, including, but not limited to Financial Times, The Economist and Times Higher Education. Any major stakeholder should name GSOM as one of 50 European schools by any significant dimension (research, education, etc.).












Set standards for disruptive approaches in business education


Be a recognized center for management research


Have highly successful professional careers of the graduates






To be recognized as the leading Russian business school who uses cutting edge teaching approaches and creates its own. To achieve an expertise at level when it will be commonly used “A GSOM approach” (like a “Harvard Case”);


To be recognized as the leading Russian business school which runs research projects and creates outputs in forms of articles, books, reports, etc. To have an image of school who also created actionable knowledge.


To achieve best employment rate, career development, graduate success, etc. in Russia







GSOM Faculty and staff share common values:

University traditions. We are proud to be the part of the oldest university in Russia and keep its academic traditions of freedom of mind, depth of knowledge, respect to society.




People. The core asset of the is the faculty and staff. We value and respect professors and managers who tied their professional career with the school.


Quality. Quality is the core value of all programs for all professors. Each product from research seminar to the article, from guest lecture to degree program, from student counseling to dissertation supervision, from the letter to college to interview to national channel is done with quality. From all small to any big issues is done with a high quality.


Partners. We're grateful to have such prominent partners in Advisory Board and beyond.


Alumni. All graduates of all programs, exchange program students, summer school participants are the ambassadors of GSOM. Their success build the success of GSOM.