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International Rankings


Year after year GSOM SPbU participates in the international rankings of educational programs in the field of management and international rankings of business schools carried out by Financial Times and Eduniversal.


Position in the rankings, 2015




Eduniversal: Russia


Eduniversal: Eastern Europe


Eduniversal Best Masters And MBA


Financial Times Master in Management


Financial Times European Business School






Eduniversal  is a global ranking agency founded in 1994, France, which specializes on global ranking s in the field of higher education.


Currently Eduniversal develops two annual global rankings:

  • Eduniversal – ranking of the best 1000 business schools in 154 countries
  • Eduniversal best Masters and MBA – ranking of the 4000 best master programs and MBA in 30 fields of study in 154 countries


Ranking Eduniversal

Ranking Eduniversal defines the best business schools in 154 countries on the basis of the awarded “palmes” and voting of the deans and business schools’ directors, in the course of which they share their opinion concerning the best business-oriented educational establishments in each country.

The “palmes” of Eduniversal illustrate the authority of the establishment on the international level.  They are awarded according to certain criteria of international significance defined by the International Academic Board and the grades given by the colleagues (deans’ voting). With the help of the “palme” system students and enrollees find it easier to determine the extent of influence of an establishment in the given country, geographical zone or globally.


Criteria of international significance:

  • various awarded accreditations
  • position in the main international rankings
  • participation in the international academic associations
  • networks of partnerships of the deans and business schools on the regional and international level
  • number of citations about the establishment in the main publications and web sites that got the acknowledgement in the field of higher education


The “palme” system allows comparing horizontally and between continents, which differentiates Eduniversal from other international rankings.


GSOM SPbU in Eduniversal Ranking

Graduate School of Management SPbU takes the first position in the ranking of the Russian business schools according to Eduniversal. It was awarded with 5 “palme”. In 2013-2014 GSOM took the first place among the business schools of Eastern Europe and in 2015 GSOM stepped back on the second place letting only the University of Prague to come forward.


Eduniversal best Masters and MBA Ranking

This ranking classifies the best master programs and MBA programs of the world. It is defined as a result of a poll of the three main groups: deans, program directors, recruiters and alumni.

The results of the poll are used for ranking the programs in 30 different fields. All the programs are within the 1000 establishments of the 154 countries defined by the official procedure of Eduniversal.


The three main criteria for the ranking are as follows:

  • reputation of the program (calculated on the basis of the poll pf HR-managers and takes into account the number of “palmes” in the schools’ ranking);
  • salary of the first place of employment (calculated as a result of the alumni poll and takes into account the salary average of each country);
  • satisfaction of the program alumni  (calculated on the base of alumni poll).

Besides, the level of internationalization and possibility of remote studying are significant in the program’s ranking.


GSOM SPbU in the Ranking

Graduate School of Management SPbU takes the leading positions in the ranking in Eastern Europe.


Results of the year 2015 in Eastern Europe

  • “Master of international Business”(MIB) program was the first in the field of international management
  • “Master in Information Technology and Innovation Management  (MITIM) was the first in the field of information system management
  • “Master of Corporate Finance” (MCF) took the second place in the field of corporate finance
  • “Master in Management”(MIM) took the third place in the field of general management


Executive MBA (EMBA) took the fourth place in the field of additional professional education programs.





Rankings of the international business newspaper Financial Times (FT), which is published in more than 20 countries of the world, is considered to be an indicator of the business school quality or business program separately. Standing in one line with the rankings of such periodicals as BusinessWeek, Economist and Wall Street Journal, FT serves as reference point while choosing an institution for many MBA students and corporate programs, prospective master students in the field of management and finance.


Ranking FT Masters in Management

This is a ranking of master programs in the field of management. It is based on the data obtained from the business schools and their alumni that are polled anonymously. Among the most important criteria we can highlight:

  • Average alumni salary in 3 years after graduation (20%)
  • Career development path and alumni status in 3 years after graduation (10%)
  • International career mobility (10%)
  • International academic mobility (10%)
  • Proportion of the faculty with doctoral degree (6%)
  • Value for money: salary of the graduates minus education costs (5%)

To get into this ranking a school should measure up to certain quality standards, for example, by having an international accreditation (EQUIS or AACSB), the evaluated program must be realized for at least 4 years.


GSOM in the Ranking

In 2016 GSOM moved 7 positions up in the Ranking in comparison to 2015 (39th vs. 46th). The school started its way in the ranking in 2013 from the 65th place.


Ranking FT European Business School

FT European Business School ranking assesses the leading European business schools.  It is integrated as it evaluates a business schools on the basis of assessments of individual programs:


  • MBA/Executive MBA
  • Masters in Management
  • Masters in Finance
  • Executive Education


GSOM SPbU in the Ranking

In 2015 in comparison to 2013 GSOM SPbU moved 14 positions up in the ranking taking the 60th place. 



Execution of the international quality standards in GSOM SPbU


Goal-oriented quality development of the master in management programs allows GSOM SPbU to achieve not only the unique representation in the international rankings of Financial Times, but also step-by-step improvement of the positions in these rankings.


All of the programs in GSOM SPbU are developed and realized in tight cooperation with the corporate partners  - largest Russia and world recruiters, - and provide to students opportunities of getting the cutting-edge international experience. Each year around 40 master students choose the double degree program realized in cooperation with the leading business schools of the world: HEC Paris, CEMS MIM business schools, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business and Lappeenranta University of Technology.


GSOM entry into the rankings is an evidence of the international recognition of the quality of education in the field of management and finance. For the students as evidence serves the fact of possibilities of employment comparable with work conditions of the graduates of the leading European business schools. For the employers – it is the guarantee of the candidates’ knowledge quality.