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Marina Iskhakova


Marina Iskhakova

Curtin University, Sydney Area, Australia


I'm very proud of my education and PhD degree that has been received in 2000-2003 at Graduated School of Management, SPSU, under supervision of Prof. Kosheleva S.V. Now, after more than 12  years have passed since the Graduation,  I'm starting to realize how special, valuable, critical and significant has been that stage of my life and those investments to PhD education.

Currently I hold a Middle management level academic position in a big, successful and recognized Curtin University in Australia, in Sydney. Such type of job can be received here only by candidates who holds  PhD degree from a highly ranked University.

PhD from GSOM was a real important springboard for me. An average age of my colleagues here is 45-55 years old, so they are usually 10-15 years older than me at similar positions, but they didn't have such a powerful jumping off place.

PhD program at  GSOM gave me ability to see a very wide horizons, the strengths and depth of the thinking and analysis, a courage, ambitions and a vigorous confidence  in own intellectual potential. And also PhD Program at GSOM this is a fantastic combination of real business practice and a gentle balance between a Research and Business practices. I'm proud to be one of the first 10 PhD Graduates of GSOM.