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Alexander Bekhterev


Alexander Bekhterev

Emarsys North America, USA


I have enrolled to the Graduate School of Management after I finished my studies at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of St. Petersburg State University. In my vision, an engineering degree plus managerial studies would make a perfect synergy. And that proved to be true. At the Graduate School of Management, students are offered a few academic programs as well as an opportunity to select courses based on their preference.

It is worth mentioning, the education process for future managers is based off of the best traditions of foreign schools. The GSOM has academic staff from all around the globe (in my case, I had teachers from Canada, Australia, Bulgaria, and France). I believe this is very valuable experience considering the youth of Russian capitalism and managerial science.

The student exchange is a part of every academic program and this is, without a shadow of a doubt, a big advantage. Any business environment requires some cross cultural skills, and I am confident that every GSOM alumni feels abroad as comfortable as at home. Not only because all classes are held in English, but also all student are required to learn the second foreign language. Back in the day, I’ve chosen Spanish which helps me make positive impression on my business partners in Latin America nowadays.

Double degree programs is one of the features that exists at the GSOM. Without additional financial heavy lifting, you can get a diploma from, let’s say, a European school. And this helps a lot in searching of internships or even employment abroad.

Of all the aforesaid, do I still need to mention how good are networking opportunities at the GSOM? Our class was full of international students from Europe, South America, and Asia from day one. Moreover, many of my Russian classmates turned out to be from completely different corners of the country. And what were the things that brought all of us together? Those were educational drive, tenacity and assertiveness, belief in success, competitive and team spirits at the same time.

Apart from the curricula, students are actively spending their time outside classroom by organizing entrepreneurship clubs, participating in business case contests (and winning), as well as making their first career steps. The school is helping on all fronts whether it is a business project, a case competitions or job search.

At the GSOM, we’ve regularly had career fairs where all the market leaders were present including such companies as Rosneft, BCG, PWC, Coca-Cola and many others. Oftentimes, representatives of those companies held interactive seminars for students. Many of the latter received job offers right in the middle of their master program after a summer internship which is a part of the study plan.

In general, how a GSOM alumni can be portrayed? In a nutshell, those are people with the global mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, and deep knowledge. Very proactive and bright personalities. I am certain that everybody who has successfully completed studies at the GSOM is having great life and changing the world in a positive direction whether it is being done in Russia or abroad.