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Dmitriy Orlov


Dmitriy Orlov

Master’s program “Management of Technological Innovations” 2011
Account Manager at 2Nova Interactive
Petersburg office of Yandex


The graduate of the master’s program “Management of Technological Innovations” of GSOM SPbU Dmitriy Orlov by the completion of the course “Introduction to IT-industry” got the job offer from the company 2Nova. This is what his impression of the program itself and of a new job.

Dmitriy Orlov:

“During the last year I’ve completed three significant educational courses except for the Graduate School of Management. I got to know about the “Introduction to IT-industry” from the Career Centre Newsletter. The course appeared to be a fantastic experience for me, it gave me the ability to understand the industry’s processes and possibilities, it also gave a chance to meet such interesting people! During one of the events of the course I met the founders of the digital-agency 2Nova Interactive Danis Suleymanov and Irina Kuznetsova. Eventually I got employed by the company in a position of an account-manager. 2Nova Interactive deals with digital-production in assistance with advertising agencies. Advertising agencies create innovative conceptions for the brands promotion and also deal with media-planning. Quite often the so-called “new media”, which includes interactive boards, web-applications, branded games in social networks etc., acts as a channel between the companies and the customers. 2Nova has all the necessary technological expertise and the understanding of the specialties of digital-channels, that is why advertising agencies look for help in realization of their campaigns in new media sphere here.

Account-manager must provide all-round support of advertising agencies from the 2Nova side. In fact I was coordinating the work of two project groups – creative (client) and productive. Besides I was supervising the project from its early phases till the final agreement in technical task. When I was just getting employed by 2Nova, I could hardly realize what the specialty of advertising agencies work was. But my main motivation was technological progress and advanced trends of the company. Intending to make my professional growth faster, I applied for the 5-month course “Interactive Communications in Advertising”. The course was organized by the company Red Keds and by that time has already been successfully introduced to the people of Moscow 5 times. I took part in Saint Petersburg draft version of the course. What was especially pleasant for me is that the structure of the course was similar to that of the “Introduction to IT-Industry”. The course made me understand the market of advertising agencies and the specialties of collaborating with them. But during the course I realized that I do not want to work and to grow in this industry. As a rule advertising agencies are created for the sake of short-time effect and do not bear public value, they demand a huge amount of energy from the management side. The same energy used in product companies goes for the development of the useful product and that is what matches my personal values.

With such a thought I decided to end my career in advertising industry and started looking for a job in a product technological company. That time I ran across the information about 2-month “School of Managers” in Moscow. The course was oriented on the citizens of the Moscow region. Nevertheless I applied and got selected, I completed the course and having my results of the final competition I was recommended for an internship in Yandex office in Saint Petersburg.

I follow the concept of the everlasting personal development. Decide where you would like to be in one month, in five years, in ten years. Think what skills and characteristics you lack and find a way to gain them. If you do not feel that your job gives you development and satisfaction than it is a time to change something. Do not be scared of experimenting”.